Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve!

Hello everyone!  Christmas is finally here!  Or should I say, holy crap Christmas is here already?!  That is how I am feeling.  I am ready though so bring it on!  It still feels very strange to not have any snow here.  It is currently +7 C ( 45 F).  That is not a normal temperature for Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada for December 24th!  We should be in a deep freeze with tons of snow right now.  It feels more like spring than Christmas.  OK enough of the weather stuff!

Weigh in yesterday went well.  I lost 0.8 lb for a total of 53.6 lbs!  Feels great.  I can only hope that I can maintain that over the next week.  I am not hoping to lose just maintain and not GAIN!  I have worked so hard for every ounce that has left my body.  My plan is to eat what I really, really like and just continue to work out at the gym or on the treadmill at home.  Lots of food will be facing me in the next few days.  I just have to be strong.  That being said, I will enjoy myself and have a few treats it is Christmas and all :-)

I reached a big goal this week.  I went not once but two times to a spin class!!  It was VERY hard but I managed to do it and it felt great!  Lots of sweating and my legs and butt were so sore the next day.  I went twice last week and I would love to start going 2 times a week along with the yoga once a week and the weights class 2 times a week too.  I am determined to get to this WW goal soon!

On that note, I want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a very Healthy New Year!!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Finally broke my plateau!!

I have had a good week!  My scale at home finally broke the 170 mark, and today I was actually at 167.8 lbs. I seemed to be stuck in the 170's for so long!  Weight Watchers has made a few changes to their program.  One of them was to decrease the minimum daily points plus target to 26 from 29.  So that's what I did this week, I went down to 26.  And, well, it worked.  I weighed in today at WW and I was down 2.4 lbs.  That's the most I have lost in awhile and it feels so good to have lost.  I was finally able to put some pretty blue stones in my heart shaped glass jar :-)  I have missed doing that.  I now have 11 more pounds to lose.  11 pounds!!  I have never been this close to goal before.  It is a little scary that it's so close to Christmas though.  I have worked so hard that I really don't want to "undo" any of this.  My goal is to maintain over Christmas, not lose and not gain.  Wouldn't that be great?  My plan is to eat a bit of whatever I REALLY want, and to leave the rest.  I promise myself I will do my best to exercise too.  I am feeling so strong and fit these days, I am addicted to the feeling of working out.  I have noticed muscles where I never had muscles before.  My calves, arms and thighs are firming up.

I am still NOT ready for Christmas yet.  And I am getting annoyed at all the people that seem to ask that question at this time of year....."are you ready for Christmas?"  No. I'm. Not.   But I will be :-)  I have 3 days off this weekend and then I'm off Wednesday next week too.  So on those days I will hopefully finish my shopping, do a bit of baking, wrap the gifts, send out a few cards (that likely won't get to their destinations on time...sigh) and clean the house.  I have had a really hard time getting into the Christmas spirit this year because we don't really have any snow to speak of.  There has only been one Christmas that I can remember in my 48 years living here that there was no snow for Christmas.  It will be strange if there isn't any. There is still a week until Christmas eve so we will see!

The one sixties baby!!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

every day I'm strugg-e-ling (as sung to the tune of "Party Rock" by LMFAO

This past weekend my husband and I went on a little trip to Fargo, ND.  It was a long drive but it was well worth it!  We had so much fun and it was great to spend 4 whole days together.  I know that sounds weird to come from a married couple but Dean is away so much that we have really spent very little time together lately. Also, when you are at home there are so many distractions.  On our trip it was just us :-)  We did lots of shopping and lots of eating.  Yup, I said it eating!  I really had good intentions going in but there was all this good food.  I brought my exercise clothes and runners but there they sat in the suitcase, unused :-(  So here's the deal, I get on the scale Monday morning and it says I'm up 3 lbs!!!  I spend a month trying to lose 1 frigging pound and I gain 3 in one 4 day weekend!!  I am dreading weighing in on Friday.  There is no way I can lose it in 4 days.  I am really, really struggling.  I feel defeated.  Christmas is coming.  The treats are starting to arrive at work.  I resisted today but it wasn't easy.  I'm trying to re-focus on my goals.  Get tough with myself.  But I fee like I'm getting sick.  I didn't exercise today.  I had a crappy day at work and I feel like crap. goes on.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Bad Blogger I am

Finally a post!  I have really been slipping in the blogging department!  I am still here, I am still losing, and I am still in this to the end.  I can't honestly say that I have lost much weight in the last month or so but it's getting way harder to lose now.  In order to lose any weight I seem to have to have "perfect weeks" or at least more good days than days that I went "off" program or didn't track, etc.  Christmas is coming but I am bound and determined to not let that get in the way.  It's only food.  I will allow myself a little taste of my favorite things and I'm pretty sure Christmas Day I will not be tracking too closely!  But I plan on getting to the gym lots and hitting my treadmill too, that will help.  I was at Costco this Saturday with my husband and bought a cute sweater to wear with leggings (it's all about the leggings these days!).  I got it in a size large which I'm used to buying now.  I got it home and tried it on and it was too big!!  My sister and I were back today and I got a size Medium.  Low and behold, it fits perfect!  I can wear a size Medium.  Now that is awesome!  The other awesome thing was getting a flyer in the mail with coupons for one of the Plus Size clothing stores that I used to shop at.  That felt so good to toss it in the recycle bin.  Won't be needing that, I said!  So one foot in front of the other I go.....I will get there!  2012 will be my year :-)

  Size Medium top

Friday, November 11, 2011

So close and yet so far.....

Yes, it's true.  At times I feel so close to my goal I can taste it.  Other times, it feels so far away to me.  I did not weigh in this week because it's Remembrance Day in Canada so there was no WW meeting.  I could have weighed in early but to be honest I have struggled a bit this week so I will skip and weigh in next Friday.  My back is better but I haven't done much this week for exercise.  I need to step it up!  I'm feeling much better about things now.  I have to just focus on my goal and get there!  We were looking at some old pictures on the computer today and I came across one from summer of 2010.  It's hard to believe the difference!

July 2010

September 2011

I think sometimes when I'm feeling like it's never going to happen I need to look at how far I have come!  It will happen.  I am going to get to my goal.  Whether it is this year or next year, it's going to happen.  

Monday, November 7, 2011

Weigh in and sore back!

I weighed in on Saturday morning.  I was up 0.8 lb.  I really wasn't surprised.  I had such a big loss last week.  I'm really glad they don't ask for your rewards back at Weight Watchers ;-)  There's no way I'm giving up my 50 lb charm!!  I have to look at last week and I realize that I didn't do as much exercise as the week before and my food choices weren't great.  It's really getting more and more difficult now to stay focused and to keep the motivation going.  I really, really want it though so I know I can do it.  I am addicted to exercise now and it feels weird if I don't get some form of it in every day.  I had the day off today and I had planned on going to Body Pump.  Somehow I must have done something to my back in my sleep because it is very sore.  No Body Pump for me.  No nothing for me.  I am resting and icing today.  Hopefully by tomorrow it will be better.  I leave you with a picture of me beside the new SUV we bought on the weekend!  We got a 2012 Chevy Equinox, twilight blue metallic (the color is VERY important, as I insisted it had to be BLUE because my last 2 vehicles were red and I really, really wanted BLUE!).  We don't pick it up until next Monday though so I have to wait :-(

I'm so excited!!!!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Friday was a really good day :-)

I started my day off early.  I was at the cell phone store at 7:15 to get in line for my new iPhone.  I was the only one there!  Long story short, store opened at 9 and I was first in line.  There was very few distributed to each store so I was glad I went early.  I got a 32 gig white iPhone 4S and they told me they only got 3 of those in!  Then I went to yoga.  My favorite instructor Tonia was there!  I don't usually get to go to classes during the day so it was a treat.  During the song by Bruno Mars "Just the way you are" she said "this song's for you Kim because you are amazing.  Awe.  That made me feel so good.  I gave her a big hug after the class, it was nice.  Then I went to my Weight Watcher's meeting.  I really had no idea how much I had lost this week because I made Dean hide our scale.  Yes, I have finally admitted that I can't be weighing in daily for now.  Maybe when I'm at goal I can but not now.  It messes with my head too much.  So imagine my surprise when she said I was down 3.4 lbs for a total of 50.2 lbs!! I got a another hug, this time from my Weight Watchers leader Roz!   So I got my 50 lb award and she asked me to say a few words to the group.  I just told how great I feel and how so much of it is in your head.  You have to decide that you will do this and never doubt yourself for a second.  Also how it's all about choices.  Choosing to eat the right things when faced with a decision.  Or by choosing not to eat the wrong things too.  After the meeting I was walking out and a woman stopped me and said what I said really hit home for her.  She said she would think about what I said this week.  I inspired someone!  Wow!  I bought myself a Pandora bead for my necklace.  I now have 5 on there (I also have a bracelet but thought I would just put beads on the necklace, one for every 10 pounds lost).  I ended the day with a late supper out with my husband and a glass of wine.  It was a really, really good day.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Weigh In Day!

Down 0.4 lb for a total of 46.8 lbs!  Not a huge loss but a loss just the same.  I dusted off my treadmill this week at home.  It's in our basement which is a big mess, so this weekend I want to attempt to clean it out a bit so it's not such a nightmare to go down and use it.  I walked on it Thursday night and even did a bit of running.  Not much but just a few minutes at a time.  My ankle seemed to tolerate it pretty good.  I was in a bit of a funk last night (after a crappy day at work!!!!) so I decided to go for another walk on it.  I think the extra cardio will definitely help and even though the weather has been gorgeous here I think we all know what is coming whether we like it or NOT!  I'm a fair weather walker so once the snow and ice come, I will be inside at the gym or on the treadmill.  I'm glad I didn't end up selling it like I thought about so many times.  I also walked on my lunch break 2 days this week.  It's so pretty right now with all the fall leaves and I work at the University so it's great.  I just do a huge circle of campus and it takes around 40 minutes.  So I think with all my favorite classes at the gym and adding some extra cardio it will help get this weight off!  I have struggled recently with my rate of weight loss.  I feel like it's just going too slow.  When I went to write this post I had a look at the graph, my before picture and my ticker and I'm feeling better.  I have come a long way since January I need to remind myself of this.

I got this from pinterest.  Yes I am obsessed.  

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Top ten weight loss tips! (and weigh in)

Weighed in yesterday!  I was down 1.8 lbs for a total of 46.4 lbs!  Pretty good for it being Thanksgiving and all :-)  I sometimes get frustrated by the little losses and the little gains but I guess it's bound to get slower the closer I get to my goal.  Only 17 lbs away now.  It hardly seems possible.  I WILL get there this time I have no doubt in my mind.  I've been thinking a lot about what it's taken to get to this point.  I wanted to share my top ten tips (advice).  I sometimes feel like no one is reading this but here goes.....

Kim's top ten weight loss tips

  1. Never doubt that you can do it.  Believe in yourself.  I swear this is the best advice I can give.  It's not "if" I get to goal, it's "when" I get to goal.  You are your own biggest fan and biggest supporter.
  2. Learn to deal with life's food situations in a healthy positive way.  By this I mean don't deny yourself something if you really want it.  Count it in your daily plan and balance it out by eating lighter that day or exercising more.  But, don't deny yourself!  That is what really get's you in the "diet" mode.  The old feelings of "I am on a diet, therefore I can't have that".  It truly makes you want "that" all the more.  It doesn't work.  Life goes on and there is going to be food related events for EVER.  Learning to deal with them now is what I believe is going to help me to have success in the future too.  
  3. Get moving!  I can't explain how great it feels to be active.  I want to shout it from the rooftops!  I realize that not everyone can afford a gym membership but there are many other ways to become active.  And, when I think of the money I used to spend on junk food and fast food all the time I'm pretty sure it would be much more than $46/month.  That is what I pay for mine.  Go for a walk, get a DVD, but just DO IT.  I love this quote "a year from now you will wish you had started today".  So true.  Start slow....I sure did.  Jan 2011 I couldn't even walk after my surgery.  I had no choice but to start slow.  It's not "The Biggest Loser" here, we don't need to start with 4 hours of cardio and 2 hours of weight training a day!  Every little bit helps.
  4. Tracking.  It's what us Weight Watcher's call "writing down everything you eat".  It really is the secret.  When it gets written down, you can see what you have eaten and what you still can eat for the day.  It may seem tedious but it really does work.  I found another cute saying "even if you don't write it down, your body knows you ate it".  So true.  Writing it down just puts it out there, keeps track and keeps you honest.
  5. Drink lots of water.  I know it's a pain if you aren't a water drinker but it really does help.  Makes me feel fuller and I find in order to drink all my water I'm not drinking other drinks that aren't healthy.  I try to drink 2 liters a day.  500 mls at breakfast lunch and supper and then another when I work out.
  6. Eat often.  I sometimes feel like I eat more now than I used to.  I am always snacking.  Of course now it's healthy snacks but I do eat often.  Stock up on healthy snacks like fresh fruit and veggies.  Also good are 100 calorie portions.  I have a hard time with a whole big bag of something but if it's in small portions I'm fine.  I usually have something to eat at every coffee break when I'm working and I always save something for an evening snack as well.  
  7. Learn to love vegetables!  Enough said.
  8. Watch less TV.  I have found lately that I am watching less and less TV.  I am busy being active.  The thing is, I don't really miss it.  I have a few shows that I really like so I DVR them and watch them when I have time.  This is advice from my very active friend Shauna :-)
  9. Eat breakfast every day.  I eat a lot of oatmeal  I love it.  I have never really had a problem eating breakfast but I have certainly changed what I eat.  I was always a muffin and coffee at a drive through or a huge bowl of cereal girl.  It's true though, if you eat a healthy breakfast it leaves you less hungry later on and less likely to eat the wrong things when you do finally eat.  So get up and have a good breakfast every day!
  10. Give yourself time to do this.  I have to take my own advice here.  It's been a slow journey but one that is so worth it!  You or I didn't gain this weight overnight nor will we lose it overnight.  Slow and steady is the best.  Be patient with your body.  Even if it takes a year or even two does it really matter?  No, what matters is getting healthy not how long it takes to get there.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!!

I had a small gain this week.  0.4 lb.  It's a bummer for sure but here's the thing, the scale at home is showing a loss which is good.  Also, I think it may have been a clothes thing because I was wearing different jeans than last week.  In the end I can't let it get me down.  I had a great week in the food and exercise department so I'm happy with that.  The scale will catch up eventually.  My scale at home today said 175.2!  That is the lowest I have been since having the boys.  Feels great!

Today is the first of the 2 Thanksgiving feasts I will be attending.  How will I plan for this you may ask?  I ate light so far today so that helps and I will use a good portion of my 49 bonus points between today and tomorrow.  I love pumpkin pie so I will be having some.  I will just pick and choose the things I can't live without and leave the things that I don't LOVE!  I do love turkey though so that's good, it's low on points.  Also, I am planning on earning some activity points.  I am going for a walk of the bridges today and I've already done an hour of yoga.  Tomorrow there is a Body Pump class I am planning on going to.  It's one hour of weights, works every muscle in your body!  It's great.  Lots of squats and lunges, ab name it.  I sweat in that one for sure!!

I am very thankful this year for my health.  I am amazed every day by this body of mine and what it can do.  I have come so far since January 12, 2011 when I had the second surgery on my ankle for tendon damage.  

Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian friends and family :-)  "We often take for granted the very things that most deserve our gratitude" - Cynthia Ozick

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Glass Jar progress

I thought I would post a couple of pics to show the "glass jar" progress.  It sits on my window sill and is a great reminder of how far I've come.  Just in the last month or so I added the "pounds left to lose" jar.  I really like that it's getting smaller :-)  I think in the beginning that would have been too overwhelming to look at for me.  The deal is that if you gain you have to remove from one jar and so on.  Luckily I haven't had to do that yet.  My gains have only ever been portions of pounds!  I present to you my jar pics!

first jar picture.....Feb 16/11 - 4.8 lbs down

added second "pounds left to lose" jar......Aug 18/11 - 37 lbs down

first jar broken (by son), new heart shaped jar (less than 2$ at Michaels)......Oct 1/11 - 45 lbs down! 

My W.I.D.T.H. (why I do this here) pic was posted today on Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit's blog!! Check it out, he is so funny and always has something interesting and amusing to say.  Thanks Jack!!

Friday, September 30, 2011

Down another pound!

So happy to report that I actually lost a pound this week!  I really felt that I deserved the loss but damn that scale at home.  I wish I could stay off it.  We have started a new family tradition of going out for supper on Friday nights.  Our younger son, Mitch works an evening shift now so we really don't see much of him during the week.  It's so nice to get together, the 4 of us to share what's going on in our lives.  We have a few laughs and enjoy some good food.  It's also when I use some of my weekly 49 bonus points.  I usually have a beer or a glass of red wine.  Tonight I had a beer and sweet potato fries with my steak.  For the most part unless something comes up mid-week I save them for Friday night.  I need to take a picture of my new blue stone jar. Mitch broke my old one.  Some things will never change ;-)  I bought a heart shaped glass jar with a cork at Michael's.  It looks so pretty with my 45 turquoise glass stones in it.  One for every pound I have lost.  Pics to follow.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Trying not to be frustrated

I know I shouldn't weigh in every day, but I can't help myself.  I do it, every day.  Here's the thing....the damn thing has been stuck.  I have been extra good this week so I'm hoping it will show up somehow magically on the scale at WW tomorrow.  We will see.  I created a fake facebook account awhile back.  Well, it's not really fake but it's kind of anonymous.  I made it when I was really into Farm town.  So now I am using it to follow weight loss groups, etc.  This way I can post freely about weight loss items and fitness without my friends and family seeing.  Strange that I feel I need to hide it but I do.  I don't want to shove any of this whole "lifestyle change" *cough* down anyone's throat so to speak.  I had no idea that losing weight and getting fit would affect other people around me as much as it has.  I am going to post a picture that I got from one of the facebook groups I follow.  It really hits home how unhealthy it is to be overweight.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Bad Blogger :-(

I realize I have been a bad blogger.  I haven't been updating as often as I should.  Sorry!  I weighed in on Friday.  Not a huge loss, but a loss just the same.  Down 0.6 lb for a total of 44.  I am one pound away from another 5 lb star and only 6 away from 50 lbs!  Hard to believe really.  I have been having a blast shopping these days.  I even bought some beautiful black "jeggings" at the Gap.  Like leggings but with a fly, hence why they are called jeggings.  I even bought some short boots to wear with them.  Of course now I am on the quest to find tops to wear with my jeggings.  So much fun!  Even though I am getting all set with cooler weather clothes it's been absolutely gorgeous weather here.  Unseasonably warm.  Yesterday it was 31 C.  I went for a walk of 2 of the bridges (Saskatoon is called "the city of bridges" we have 5 and the 6th is in production now) and took some pictures.  Basically you walk from one side on one bridge, then across and then over another bridge.  It was about a 40 minute walk and one side was on an incline.  It was so pretty with all the fall leaves turning colors.  Even though I can't wait to wear my new fall clothes and jackets I still hope this nice weather lasts a bit longer :-)

Friday, September 16, 2011

Weigh In Day!

Down 1.8 lbs for a total of 43.4 lbs total!!  I'm pretty happy with that.  I'm getting so close to my next reward charm for my key chain!  I will get another circle charm when I lose 50 lbs.  I find it's been really helping to have small goals.  When I started and I saw that I needed to lose 63.4 lbs it seemed like so much to lose!  I have been looking at getting into the new numbers for each mini-goal (10 lbs at a time).  Also the Weight Watchers small goals are great too.  First 5%, then 10% and 5 lb star stickers, then charms for 25 and 50 and lifetime of course (the holy grail!).

At our meeting today we were talking about having the "perfect week" and what that means to us.  That is, what we would need to do to have the perfect week.  Of course everyone talked about drinking water, tracking all food eaten, following the food guidelines, know the usual.  I put my hand up and told the story of why I think Weight Watchers is working for me this time.  I am really liking the fact that you have 49 bonus points per week.  I am very careful and rarely go over my 29 daily points, BUT if I do run into something that I really want that is a bit higher in points or if I go out for a meal I can use some of those bonus points.  The thing is, I can do this and still have a "perfect week".  Other times as soon as I screwed up I would say "what the heck" and either blow the whole day or the whole week.  I would get down on myself and feel like "I suck at losing weight", and "I can't do this".  This time it just feels different and it's working!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Good Day!

I just had to share.  I went to my yoga class this morning and it was the same instructor that I took my first yoga class from just 2 months ago.  She hasn't taught that much over the summer, so I hadn't seen her for awhile.  She remembered my name (which really impressed me) and when the class was over she said that she could really see improvement in my poses and strength.  Also, she said I would soon be teaching the class!  Hahaha now that's a good one!  Anyway, it sure made me feel good to know that I am making progress.  Yoga is great, I just love it.

Friday, September 9, 2011

too good to be true!

I think my big loss last week is catching up with me!  I weighed in today and gained 0.2 lb.  I have been averaging about a pound a week so I guess it's to be expected with a bigger loss last week.  Also, I wore jeans for the first time since Winter I think.  I usually wear jeans to work but I have been wearing a lighter cotton pant on weigh in days and last week since I wasn't at work I wore jean capri pants.  So, I am thinking that part of the gain is clothing.  Not gonna let it bother me (who am I trying to convince?).

Sunday, September 4, 2011


I'm in the 170's on my home scale now!  

Friday, September 2, 2011

Today was a good day :-)

Good decision I made by taking today as a vacation day!  With today that gives me a 5 day weekend.  Monday was supposed to be my EDO (earned day off, or bank day) so with Labor Day being on Monday it got moved to Tuesday.  So, ya I end up with a mini vacation.  I got up and went to Yoga, then off to my Weight Watchers meeting.  I had a VERY good weigh in!  Down 3.4 lbs for a total of 41.8 lbs!!!  I'm very happy with that.  I did work hard this week, I stuck to my points plus perfectly and got in lots of exercise.  It paid off.  I cleaned out my fridge this afternoon (planned on cleaning both fridges and 2 bathrooms, only did one fridge!) and it looks so nice and clean now.  Then my husband and one of my sons and I went out for supper.  We had a nice time.  After that we made a quick trip to Costco, had to stock up on fruit.  I'm eating some green grapes right now that are so good!  Crisp and sweet and HUGE.  I love Costco for fruit.  It is feeling like Fall is in the air these days, but I'm OK with that.  I hate winter but I really like Fall.  Also, I can't wait to start wearing my new Fall jacket I bought this week.  Size Large.  Not XL, just Large.  I have a beautiful brown winter coat too that hasn't fit me for a few years (it's a size L too) and guess what?  It fits too!  So here's to a new season, with new clothes!!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

My first gain and some random musings

Yes folks, that's right after 7 months of being on Weight Watchers I have officially had my first gain.  The funny thing is I don't really feel too bad about it.  Now don't get me wrong, I prefer losing to gaining.  Heck, that's the whole idea here right?  The thing is, it's been a good learning opportunity and a great time to regroup and refocus on my goals.  This is very close to the last weight I was when I lost 40 lbs a few years ago (before I started to gain it all back).  So I looked back on my food choices of late and my lack of tracking and realized I need to do more to get to my goal.  I am pretty good at tracking but I had a few days in the past week where I didn't at all, and some days where things just go into my mouth without a single thought (well I'm sure I do think about it....) and they don't get written down.  This is going to be a great week I just know it.  I just finished an awesome yoga class, I'm feeling strong and fit and I have more determination than ever!!

I have been thinking lately about a lot of things.....there has recently been some people in my life that don't seem to be happy that I'm getting healthy.  Or let me rephrase that, they aren't happy that I'm getting healthy and they are not.  I know it's jealousy and that's a really sad feeling.  I know.  I have been there.  I was so jealous of my sister and before that my best friend.  I tried to take those feelings of jealousy and turn them into determination.  And, this time it worked for me (or is working for me).  Only you can make it work for yourself, no one else can do it for you.  I am trying really hard not to push this on anyone.  If they ask, I will tell them but that's it.  I am feeling so great these days I want to shout it from the rooftops but I won't.  My husband is my biggest fan and supporter of me, and for that I am so grateful and it's really all I need.

Last night I was at the farm visiting my husband.  It's only 20 minutes away from our house, so my husband comes home every night but it's harvest time so he's been there a lot and late nights (I'm usually in bed).  It was such a beautiful night.  I rode in the combine with him for a long time, and we watched the sun set together.  It was great to spend some time with him.  I hadn't seen my brother-in-law for awhile (and he hadn't seen me ;-) he was amazed at how much weight I have lost.  He is a big guy.  I think he must be close to 300 lbs.  He wanted to know what I'm doing and how I lost the weight.  So I told him.  He said, "but I love food so much!".  LOL who doesn't??  I told him how it's amazing how I actually crave the healthy foods now, but I can eat whatever I want.  Just less of it and not as often.  Then he said, "I'm going to join a gym".  Well, that's great and will probably help but it really is all (mostly) about the food.  My Doctor has been saying that to me for years.  Every time I would give her an excuse as to why I couldn't lose the weight (my ankle, my back, my knees....whatever) she would always say "it's not about the exercise, it's about the food".  She is right.  Now don't get me wrong, the exercise does help for sure, but if your food choices are wrong or your eating is out of control it doesn't matter how much you exercise you aren't gonna lose much weight.  When I started in January I had just had my 2nd surgery on my ankle.  I was hardly moving at all let alone doing any exercise, and guess what?  I lost weight!  I guess the bottom line here is calories in and calories out right?  Burn more than you take in.  Eat less, move more.  Sad but true, the secret is there is no secret.  I leave you with a few pictures from last night.

  sunset on the Saskatchewan prairies 
 farmer Dean driving the combine
Canola going into the grain truck, love the sunset in this picture!  (sorry about the dust, but it was dusty!)
looking out the front window of the combine

Monday, August 22, 2011

I've been BUSY!

I had to weigh in early last week because I was away on the weekend.  My 2 sisters and 3 of my nieces and I went to Edmonton to see Taylor Swift in concert.  We had lots of fun!  We did some shopping and of course had lots of laughs.  Our brother met us there too (even though it was supposed to be a girls weekend we let him come ;-).  It was great to see him, as he lives 2 provinces away and we don't see him too often.  Anyway, back to the weigh in.  I lost 0.8 lb for a total of 39.2 lbs!  Slooow but sure.  I recently counted out the number of stones that I still need to lose in pounds and put them in a separate glass.  I am really enjoying this visual reminder of how far I've come and how much I have left to lose.
the one on the left is 39 lbs lost, the one on the right is 24 left to get to WW goal

Kayla on the left, Joey on the right.....waiting patiently for carrots and snap peas!

Back to work today after 2 weeks of vacation.  I kind of missed drinking my coffee on the deck, reading the paper leisurely....sigh.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Weigh in and Size.......12!!

in front of the sign by the cabins we stayed at
beautiful sunset after our walk
my husband Dean
Dean and I at the local bar.  Enjoyed some great live music and a few drinks too :-)

Weighed in yesterday (Saturday) as I was still away on Friday.  I lost 0.6 lb for a total of 38.4 lbs!  I'm happy with that after a week at Waskesiu Lake.  We had a great time, did lots of walking and biking and I stayed on plan the best I could.  I used 35 of my 49 weekly bonus points which I don't usually use at all but it allowed me to have a cold beer or two and ice cream one day after a long bike ride.

 I'm on holidays for another week.  I will be at home, spending my time between relaxing and trying to get some things done around the house.  On Friday my 2 sisters and 4 of my nieces and I will be travelling 5 hours to Edmonton to see Taylor Swift!  It's going to be so much fun!  Looking forward to some girl time, a great concert, and some shopping.

I was at Costco yesterday, big surprise I know!  I found some jeans there that looked good for $19.95.  Of course you can't try them on there so I thought I would buy a size smaller so that I had a pair that I could try on periodically to see how I'm doing.  I got those size 12 jeans home, tried them on and guess what??  They fit me!!  So it looks like I need to go back and get a pair in size 10 for my smaller size.  I really can't believe it.  I'm pretty sure it's been over 20 years since I've worn a size 12.  It feels good.

Zumba yesterday, Yoga today.......then it's time to clean this house!!!  

                              my little squirrel friend likes strawberries too but he really prefers peanuts!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Interesting book and weigh in day!!

First things first, today was weigh in day and I'm down 1.6 lbs for a total of 37.8 lbs total!  Very happy with that number.  Still going slowly but a steady loss and that's what's important.  My sister was at the meeting with me today which was nice since my friend Jen is gone now.  Of course Nancy is a lifetime member now and only has to come and weigh in once a month.  I am so proud of her, over 6 months at goal weight and she is still doing great!  I'm not even there yet and I worry about maintaining!  At least I will have her to help me and give me tips.

I read a lot of weight loss books.  Some of my favorites are:  "Half-Assed:  A Weight Loss Memoir" by Jennette Fulda, "Such a Pretty Fat" by Jen Lancaster, "The Weight Loss Diaries" by Courtney Rubin.  I have one on my Kindle that I am sort of reading slowly, a bit every few weeks.  It is meant to be read for 100 days one entry per day.  I haven't been doing that.  It's called "100 days of Weight Loss:  The secret to being successful on any diet plan" by Linda Spangle.  To get to my point, (and I do have one) on Day 3 the entry really hit home.  It talks about the difference between being committed to losing weight and just being interested in losing weight.  I really feel this is what the difference is this time for me.  It's like something has just clicked and it's not about wondering if I will be able to lose the weight this time, it's about knowing that I will for sure.  It's different I can tell.

I will quote some of the book's key points about the differences.  Day 3 is titled "Do it anyway".  So what it says if that on days you don't feel like exercising or cooking and eating healthy meals tell yourself to "do it anyway".  When you are really committed to losing weight you make choices that you might not particularly want to do at the time but you "do it anyway".  Here's a summary of the differences between people who are interested in their goals compared to those who are committed.

People who are interested in losing weight

  • Stick with it until something better comes along
  • Take action only if they "feel like" doing it
  • Need to see results in order to stay motivated
  • Blame people or circumstances for their struggles
  • Easily give up when they face challenges
People who are committed to losing weight

  • Stick with their plans no matter what
  • Take action whether they feel like doing it or not
  • Assume that if they stay motivated, results will follow.
  • Take responsibility for their own actions
  • Keep going in spite of challenges and setbacks
Interesting isn't it?  I am not exactly reading this book the way you are supposed to but I am getting lots of great information out of it.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


I finally got brave enough to go to a Zumba class at the gym!  Guess what?  I LOVED it!  I was worried that I wouldn't know what to do.  Here's the thing, there was lots of people like me that had never done Zumba before.  It was so much fun.  It moves very fast and it's hard to follow but I for sure want to go back.  I am constantly amazed by what my body can do these days.  I can't wait for my next Zumba class!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Weigh in and other stuff

I weighed in at Weight Watchers today and low and behold I'm down another pound!  I feel pretty good about that since my exercise was almost non-existent this week.  So that is a total of 36.2 lbs for me.  I got some sad news this week, my Weight Watcher buddy Jen is moving to Calgary.  Last week was our last meeting together. I will really miss her, it's been so much fun having her as a WW buddy.  It's been great getting to know her better in these past 7 months (we both work at the Veterinary College but in different departments) but I wish her all the best for her new adventure at the University of Calgary.

My husband and I were at Costco tonight (buying peaches of course because I am addicted to them) and I just can't get over the fact that I can actually go into Costco and look at the clothes there.  Because they fit me now! I was trying on coats in size large!  I bought a jacket last weekend there in a size XL but it's a slim fitting jacket.  Trying on clothes is really enjoyable now.  I love it.  It's so cool to see how far I have come by how clothes are fitting me.  I have to get someone to get a picture of me in the top I am wearing tonight.  It's a zebra print sleeveless top that used to be my sister's.  It's so cute!

Feeling better but my arm / armpit is still sore.  I am aiming to go to the Body Vive class tomorrow morning.  To all my Canadian friends, Happy Long weekend to you all!  (Saskatchewan day for those living here:-)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Quick update!

I'm still here!  I weighed in last Friday and lost 0.2 of a pound.  Not great but I am really proud of the fact that after 7 months I have still not had a gain.  Of course I wish this weight would come off faster but I have to try to be patient with my body.  Speaking of my body.....I developed a skin infection and finally went to the Dr. today. I kept on thinking it would go away but it has affected my lymph node in my armpit and I'm really feeling like crap.  So a small area of skin above my right breast is all that is infected but it is my arm and armpit on that side that are so sore!  I waited 2 hours at the minor emergency clinic today (couldn't get into my Dr. tried today and yesterday), then about 45 minutes after work for my prescription to be filled.  The Dr. thinks it's either a bug bite that became infected or Impetigo.  Yikes.  Anyway, I'm glad I finally went because I am in agony now and hopefully the antibiotics will kick in soon!  Needless to say I have not been to the gym in a few days.  Hopefully I will feel like going back again soon.  I miss yoga!!  My last thought, only 7 more working days until holidays!  I can't wait because it's been so busy.  Yahoo for summer holidays!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

I'm doing this thing!

I weighed in yesterday and it was another success!  Down 1.4 lbs for a total of 35 lbs!  I'm very happy with that.      I have pretty much lost 5 lbs per month consistently.  I think that's a nice slow and steady loss.  I had a great week fitness wise too.  I took 2 Body Flow classes (yoga, tai chi, and pilates combo) worked out another 3 times on my own.  This morning I took a Body Vive class.  It was amazing!  A low impact class that incorporates resistant bands and a small ball.  I had a big sweat going!  Yay me!  My only wish is that they had that class more often.  It's only Saturday mornings and Tuesday mornings.  Oh well, I guess I will just have to try a few more classes that fit my schedule and go from there.  Have a great day bloggers :-)

Sunday, July 10, 2011

That which does not kill us makes us stronger. Friedrich Nietzsche

Well, I survived my first official class at the gym!!  I chose one called "Body Flow".  It is a combination of Tai Chi, Pilates and Yoga.  I was sweating my butt off!  Of course I couldn't do all of it perfectly but at least it's a start.  I am very proud of myself.  I think the funniest thing is that the male instructor (there was 2, a woman and a man) looked EXACTLY like Will Ferrell!!  I laugh just looking at him.  So here's this guy, being a slightly feminine version of Will Ferrell leading yoga.  I was trying really hard to concentrate and be serious but sometimes I just had to smile.  His name was actually Seth and he was very nice and patient.  Raining here today but that's OK, I have lots to do inside and my husband and I are going shopping for some new Yoga pants for me because mine are too BIG!!  I love life.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Weigh in

Yesterday was weigh in day!  I was down 1.2 lbs.  Not a super loss for 2 weeks but I'll take it!  So that's a total of 33.6 lbs so far.  Our little Weight Watchers at work group doesn't have enough people to go through the summer.  So that just means we will take 8 weeks off and start up again on September 9th.  I will still keep going though, my friend Jen from work and I are going to go to a meeting downtown on Fridays.  I wonder how much I can lose in 8 weeks?  I'm going to aim for 10 lbs.  That's a little more than a pound a week.  Doable I think!  I was at the gym today and had a great work out.  I'm still quite happy to do the Elliptical trainer and the rowing machine.  I also do a bit of weight training now and then but not on a regular basis.  I really want to try some of the classes offered at the gym but I'm afraid to try.  I talked to some of the girls that work there and they seem to think I'll be fine.  The one said that everyone at one time had to take that first class.  True.  They even suggested I try Spin Class!!  I told them that really scared me!  I see them all sweaty and working out like maniacs.  Yikes!  So here's the deal, tomorrow I will probably maybe want to defiantly take a class! Wish me luck.  I thought I would post some pics of me at my heaviest.  I sure see a difference in myself from then to now.

                                                     This was taken in Cuba in 2010

                                                                  Jamaica 2008

                                           This was taken March 4 of this year.  I had already
                                           started losing weight here.  On the right is my sister
                                           Nancy at her goal weight!  I can't wait till I will actually
                                           enjoy having my picture taken.  I sure don't like how I
                                           look in these ones!

                                              I'm pretty sure I'll never get to this weight again!
                                              My wedding day - weight 145 lbs

                                              ....but I'm getting closer to goal every day!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Lather, rinse, repeat.....

Do you ever get into that kind of routine where you do the same kind of exercise and eat the same foods every day?  Well, here's the thing I really don't mind it.  Call me crazy but I almost feel like if it's working why fix it?  I know, I know I'm going to get bored right?  I probably will eventually and I guess that's the challenge to try to keep things fresh, new and exciting so we can stick it out for the long haul.  If I didn't have a family to cook for I wouldn't have a problem thinking up meals because I'm OK with eating a chicken breast or fish, veggies and Quinoa or brown rice EVERY day.  My dilemma is that I'm having trouble figuring out what to make for suppers because I think my family is getting bored.  Any thoughts on this?  Advice?  Or should I even be worried about what my husband (who loves eating healthy and never complains) and 2 grown sons think?  Maybe I need to pick out a new Hungry Girl or Weight Watcher recipe every week and plan on making it just for a change of pace.  One thing that's great is that I have been BBQ-ing (or Grilling for those in the USA...hahaha) every night.  I am enjoying that very much.

No weigh in last week because of Canada Day last Friday.  So this week will be for 2 weeks.  I'm still obsessively weighing in at home.  I really wish I could stop that.  Sigh.....   Thanks for letting me ramble on!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Help! I've fallen and I can't get up!

Well, it's really not that bad but I am mad at myself.  I haven't tracked my points for the past 2 days.  I know, I know....don't beat myself up, don't be so hard on myself, right?  Here's the thing, it is sooooo fricking easy to just stop tracking.  It's scary to think how easy it is to just stop doing what I've been doing.  This is literally the first time since I started in January that I haven't tracked my points.  Even when I went to Sunday brunch for my Mom's 80th Birthday (and ate things I had no idea how to count or how much to count) I still wrote something down.  So here's what I'm going to do, I'm going to sit down and try to remember what I ate on Sunday (had some mindless eating/snacking that day) and record what I ate today and MOVE ON!  I know that tracking my points keeps me honest and keeps me in control so I have to do it.  I have lost 32.4 lbs so far because I have written down every morsel of food that has gone into my body.  Here's to tracking!!  It works for me :-)

Sunday, June 26, 2011

3 pounds!!

Yes that's right I lost 3 pounds this week!!  I feel very good about that number because I am now at 32 lbs down!  Another great thing is my BMI is now in the "overweight" category!  So I am now no longer obese!!  Yay me!!  The scary thing is I've done this before.  Another 10 lbs and I've been there before.  What I haven't done before is to actually lose all I need to lose and get to goal and become a Lifetime Weight Watcher.  So, I need to keep my eye on the prize and go forward.  Keep the momentum going and just do it!  On Friday afternoon my youngest son, Mitch had his graduation ceremony.  I can't believe that both my kids are done high school now.  Time does fly, doesn't it?  Here's a picture of my baby and I on his special day.  I wore 3 inch heels so I didn't feel so short in these pictures!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Today was a good day :-)

After yesterday's disappointing weigh in of course I had to step on the scale again today because well, lets face it I'm addicted.  I am actually in the 180's now (according to my scale, WW scale is much higher with it being at lunch time and with all my clothes on).  I was so pumped to see that number!  I decided to do some more closet cleaning.  I found a lot of things that are too big.  I purged almost all of the things that don't fit.  I saved a few things.  I tried on some things that were too small before and they fit!  I tried on a Jessica (Sears brand) dress in a size L and it fit!!  It feels so good.  I know I still have a long way to go but it felt good to see some progress even if it wasn't at the scale at WW yesterday.  I also took some measurements and those were down too.

Friday, June 17, 2011


Weigh in today and I stayed the same.  It was bound to happen eventually.  I have had a loss every week (even though some were small) since I started WW in January.  My scale at home (which by the way I have been obsessed with and have been stepping on EVERY day again) has not moved in ages.  So, I am forced to take a look at the past few weeks and ask myself what am I doing wrong?  June is a month of celebrations for our family and frankly I have been celebrating too much.  Now don't get me wrong I have had lots of perfect food days, so I know it's not all the food.  The other thing is the lack of exercise.  I have been struggling with a sore back/neck and have been using that as an excuse to not work out.  I had a massage this week and I'm actually feeling much better now.  No more excuses!  One of the things I did right these past few weeks was to not do any emotional eating.  I really feel like I am making some great progress there.  It feels good to not run to food when I'm feeling lonely/sad/mad/angry/stressed/tired.....etc, etc.  My goals this week are to try to limit my weigh ins at home, get more exercise in, and of course make better food choices.  I'm looking forward to a successful week!

Monday, June 13, 2011

weigh in

This post is late....sorry!  I weighed in on Friday at my usual time.  I lost 0.6 lb this week.  I can honestly say I didn't really deserve to lose any more than that.  I haven't been exercising as much this week and my eating has been a bit off.  I was bound and determined to turn that around but then there was an Anniversary celebration on Saturday night.  My husband and I celebrated our 22nd on Friday, we went out on Saturday.  I tried to stay on track but I had 2 glasses of wine, and steak and a baked potato with all the fixings.  Then there was Sunday.  We celebrated my Mom's 80th Birthday with a brunch at a restaurant.  I tried attempted ate like a pig!  No really in all honesty it could have been much worse.  The one good thing I did last week was I rode my bike to work 2 times!  It's really not a huge deal (only 20 minutes each way) but I have been talking about it for weeks and finding excuses not to do it.  I'm going to aim for 2 times a week, more if I can.  I am 0.6 lb away from 30 lb total so hopefully I can get there this week.  My WW buddy Jen and I challenged each other to lose 2 lbs but I'm not sure that's going to happen.  We'll see :-)

Monday, June 6, 2011

Back from Calgary and did OK

I'm back!  I had an awesome time, it was great to visit with my friend Shauna.  I'd have to say I did pretty good with the eating, although I didn't do any tracking (or writing down and keeping track of my points).  I weighed in at home this morning and it looks like I'm the same as when I left.  I'm happy with that.  There was lots of temptations but I think I made good choices most of the time.  Here's a picture of my friend Shauna and myself.  She is on the left and I'm on the right.  We met in 1981 on our first day of Lab Tech school.  I love this girl!!

I will also show you a picture from my youngest son's grade 12 Graduation on May 28th.  He looked so handsome!  

 the whole family!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Early weigh in!

I had to weigh in 2 days early this week as I am taking a little trip to Calgary for the weekend to visit my best friend Shauna.  Although I was a bit worried that I wouldn't see good results, I was able to lose 1.2 lb in 5 days!!  So that is a total of 28.8 lbs.  I am very happy with that.  I can't wait to see Shauna, and it will be nice to get away.  This week will be full of challenges.  Tomorrow is my son's 20th birthday.  Not sure how that happened when I still feel like a 20 something myself!!  We are going out for supper tomorrow night to celebrate my two sons birthdays (younger son turned 18 two weeks ago) and my birthday.  My birthday is on Friday and I will be turning 48.  Looking forward to being a healthy 48 year old, and to my 50's being healthier than my 40's!   I am bringing red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese icing to work tomorrow for my birthday.  We bake for ourselves at work so that no one forgets (the idea being if someone else is in charge they may forget, but usually you don't forget your own).  So with cupcakes, supper out and a trip to visit a friend it will be hard to stick with the plan but I'm very determined.  I am feeling so great lately, I just really don't want to screw it up now.  Wish me luck.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

3 way mirrors don't lie and my weigh in day

I did a lot of clothes shopping this past week.  I would just like to say, 3 way mirrors don't lie.  Don't get me wrong I am happy with my success so far!  That being said, I have a long way to go.  I learned that I am NOT a size 14 yet.  I am a solid 16.  The size thing drives me CRAZY!!  It really depends on the brand.  It's funny though, I have been feeling pretty cocky about my svelte new body so imagine my shock when one of the ever-so-helpful store clerks mentioned my "trouble areas"!  Trouble areas?  The nerve!  I'm really just joking here because I know I have them and frankly I will still have them when I get to my goal weight.  In the poor lady's defense she was only trying to help.  We talked about our body image in our WW meeting this week.  It's really all about becoming happy and at peace with our bodies.  In the quote from the weekly WW newsletter "losing weight makes you look good in clothes, exercising makes you look good naked".  I had to agree with this of course but also that the end result (after we reach goal weight) may not be a perfect body and we have to be OK with this.  Weigh in was great!  I am down 2.2 lbs this week for a total of 27.6 lbs!!  I am so happy and it's been a steady decrease ever since I started this journey in January.  My son's Grade 12 Graduation was last night.  It was very nice and he looked so handsome.  Pics to follow!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Weigh in.....small steps lead to success!

I weighed in yesterday (Friday) and I'm down 0.8 lb.  Not a huge loss, but that is just fine with me.  I was able to make the 25 lb mark and get my reward!  I am going shopping with my niece on Monday (it's a holiday here in Canada!) to find a dress to wear to my youngest son's High School Graduation next Saturday (how did that happen so fast??).  I will be sure and post some pics of us all dressed up!  OK here's some pics, the first one was taken April 10th so over a month ago but it does show my progress.  The other one is my key chain and my jeans!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Size 14!!

I have been struggling this week.  Not with food choices, or exercise those things are going right on target.  My mood has been a bit down.  You know the feeling that it's not going fast enough, or I want to be thin and fit NOW not next year!!  Of course those aren't realistic thoughts but I can't help it.  Last night I went through the bags of clothes that my sister gave me a few months ago.  To my surprise there was quite a few things that fit me!  I tried lots of capri pants on and jeans in size 16, then I thought what the heck I'll try on the 14's.......they FIT ME!!  I am now wearing a pair of size 14 jeans.  It was just what I needed to get out of my funk, and what a great way to show myself the progress I've made so far.  I wore those jeans to work and I could just feel my mood was lifted.  Now I need to pack up all my 2X and size 18 clothes that are too big.  Time to make room in my closet for all the "new to me" clothes that now fit!  Yay me :-)

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Weigh in and deep thoughts!

I haven't been posting much because I've been really busy lately!  It's a good thing really.  Weighed in on Friday although I couldn't stay for the meeting.  I lost 1.2 lb this week!  It's going in the right direction, even if it's going slowly.  Slow and steady wins the race, right?  So hopefully next week I will get another 5 lb star (sticker for my book) and a 25 lb charm for my key chain!  I was looking at my BMI this week and wondering how many pounds I need to lose before I am actually out of the obese category.  So it's about 7 pounds.  That is another mini goal.  I can't believe I will actually be excited to be "overweight", but I will be very glad to be out of the "obese" class.  I have always hated that word.  Yes it's true, I can't wait to be just overweight!!  Someday in the distant future soon I hope to be in the "normal weight" BMI class.  One day at a time, one pound at a time......

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Weigh in

I'm down another pound this week!  Happy with that number because last week was a big loss.  I also got my "clapping hands" charm for staying with the program for 16 consecutive weeks.

So hopefully next week I will get another 5 lb star (sticker) and a 25 lb charm to put on my key chain!  I am just eating this stuff up!!  It's so motivational.  Weight Watchers I have to give you credit for having a great program to follow and lots of motivational incentives.  The stickers and charms are awesome.  Love it.  Here's to another week of seeing the numbers going down!                                                             

Saturday, April 30, 2011

10 % down!

I had a pretty good day yesterday.  I reached my 10 % goal at Weight Watchers!  I'm now down 22.4 lbs total, having lost 3 lbs this week.  I was so focused on that goal and I am so proud of myself for achieving it.  I know I have a long way to go yet but I just know this time I will get there.  The cool thing is that you get a little 10 % key chain as a reward for reaching 10 % of your starting weight.  Then as you reach various goals along the way you get charms to put on your key chain.  The next one is a 25 lb charm.  So, I am only 2.6 lbs away from that goal!  Yay me!!  Here's a picture of the key chain

Thursday, April 28, 2011


Today my new Weight Watchers scale (that I bought in Minot) read 199.5 lbs!!!  Onederland is finally here.  I know that the scale at my WW meeting will be more but that's OK it will catch up eventually.  I have had a great week.  Lots of challenges but I didn't cave even once!  First there was Easter.  I did have a bit of chocolate, but I counted the points, enjoyed it and moved on.  Easter supper was tough but I just had small amounts and even had a small slice of angel food cake.  Once again, I enjoyed it and moved on.  One day this week someone brought Cupcake Conspiracy to work.  Amazing cupcakes.  They looked so good.  I didn't have one.  Then today it was a going away party for someone at work, carrot cake.  Nope not me!  There was fruit and that was what I had.  I'm getting really stubborn.  I just don't want to "undo" what I've done already if that makes sense?  I'll post my official WW weigh in tomorrow.  Looking forward to it (did I just say that?).

Friday, April 22, 2011

Trying to be patient.......

I know I have been doing great so far but sometimes it's so hard to be patient.  I weighed in on Wednesday again this week as my regular Friday meeting was canceled due to Good Friday.  I was down 0.2 lb.  Since I was away for the weekend I am not surprised by this number.  I tried hard to stay right on the plan but I did use some of my 49 extra points which frankly I have not done much at all so far.  I am so close to my 10% goal and my other "onederland" goal.  This morning 0.7 lb away!  I am just hoping that I can stay away from the Easter food and treats.  I have to keep my eyes on the prize!  Pretty sure I'm not the only one that wants weight loss to be faster.  I have been doing pretty good with the gym and last night I tried the rowing machine!  I could only do about 5 minutes but I could really feel it in my arms and it was also a great cardio workout.  It also didn't bother my ankle at all.  So I would really like to increase my time on that machine and use it along with the elliptical.

I guess I will continue to do what I'm doing, and try to be patient!  Happy Easter to all :-)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Early Weigh In :-)

I had to weigh in a few days early because I'm going away on Friday for the weekend.  I lost 1.8 lbs for a total of 19.2 lbs total!!  I am close to a few goals right now.  2.8 lbs away from my 10% goal and I'm 4.2 away from being out of the 200's.  "Onederland" here I come!!  It's really strange in a lot of ways how easy this has been for me.  It feels so good to be able to control this part of my life when there is so many areas that I have zero control of.  I have had a fair bit of stress again this week.  Sigh..... just putting one foot in front of the other and doing my thing. 

Sunday, April 10, 2011

What Success looks like!

Here is a picture of success.  This is my sister Nancy receiving her Lifetime award at her Weight Watcher's meeting last week.  I am so proud of her.  I am envious and jealous too, but I decided that those feelings won't make it happen for me.  I am on my own journey here, one I will travel on by myself and for myself.  Not to please anyone else or for anyone's praise.  After all, it's my body and it's my health.  I am the one that will make it happen.  So without further adieu I present to you my sister Nancy......the picture of success!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Weight Watchers Works!

I am feeling pretty good about my success so far.  I weighed in today and I'm down another 2.2 lbs!  So that's a total of 17.4 lbs.  My one regret this week was that I didn't get to the gym as much as I had planned to.  Although I did go on some great half hour walks with my dogs this week.  It is finally feeling like Spring here and it is awesome to be able to walk outside without the fear of slipping on ice.  It is a bit very muddy though so of course by the time we get back from our walk Joey my light colored Golden Retriever is full of mud.  He is getting up in years (he will be 10 in July) so he kind of drags behind by the end of the walk and I swear he just plows through every puddle!  Kayla, my husky cross very delicately avoids most mud and puddles.  Funny how different they are.  It's nice to get outside again.  I have 4 days off now so I'm going to try to get some Spring cleaning done.  It will be nice to open the windows and let the fresh air in!  Happy Spring :-)

Monday, April 4, 2011

Emotional highs and lows!

I have had a week that felt like an emotional roller coaster.  I won't go into too much detail but work stress and life stress has been there this past week.  I can say though that I didn't run to food which I am feeling really good about.  I feel in control of that part of my life for once.  I don't even know why I'm not running to food because in the past I would have.  For some reason I have my goals in my mind and I am thinking clearly as I put food into my mouth these days.  Does that make sense?  I have to share my weigh in day (Friday, April 1) story with you all (if anyone is out there!).  My sister, Nancy received her Lifetime award at Weight Watcher's on Friday.  She and I go to different meetings, but on the same day.  I attend an at work meeting, and she attends one at a church downtown.  It was the end of our at work session so I had to go to mine and sign up so that meant that I couldn't go and share in her celebration.  I was so sad about that.  I told her that I wasn't able to attend with her.  Then on Thursday I started thinking, what if I gave my cheque to my friend and got her to register me?  So that's what I did!  I bought a bouquet of flowers on my way to work and then went to her meeting at lunchtime.  She wasn't there when I got there so I weighed in and I lost 2.2 lbs for a total of 15.2!  I sat down near the middle of the meeting and ate my lunch quietly.  I heard her come in, talking to everyone and I heard them discussing Lifetime membership with her.  She came and sat right behind me!  I was so worried that she would see me but she didn't!  When the meeting started and they called her up to the front I presented her with flowers.  It was a great surprise and we both cried.  I am so proud of her.  She gave me 3 bags of clothes yesterday.  She has some great things in sizes 16, 14 and 12.  Most of the 16's fit (some not quite), but it's going to be great to have a some things to wear along the way.  It was like going shopping without having to pay!!  WhoooHooo!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

What if it's really not that hard?

So here's the thing, I have been doing this thing now for about 9 weeks now and I haven't had too many struggles really.  To be perfectly  honest, so far it hasn't been that hard.  My sister Nancy who is at her goal weight at WW told me that for her it wasn't hard.  This has got me thinking, what if it's not?  What if you just need to put one foot in front of the other and do the program (I'm doing Weight Watchers) and get results?  I think that the bottom line is that if you're ready and you want it bad enough (and I do) it can be easy to lose weight.  So many people that have succeeded in this say the same thing, it's a simple formula.  Eat less and move more.  I present to you my jar with the pretty glass stones.  13 of them now :-)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Weigh in and some challenges

On Friday I weighed in at WW and I lost 2 more lbs!  So that's a total of 11.4 lbs down.  I'm very happy with that it feels good.  My jeans are starting to feel loose too.  I'm not quite down a size but getting close.  I dug through my closet and found a pair of 16's (I'm in an 18 now) and they fit me but not real comfortable yet.  I have had some challenges food wise this weekend and I'm happy to say I faced them all head on and I won!!  Last night it was supper at my parents and there was Hash brown casserole on the menu which I didn't eat and then ice cream cake for dessert!  My Mom wanted me to cut the cake (because for some reason I usually do it) and I told her "no, since I'm not having any I don't want to be tempted".  It actually didn't bother me too much.  In some ways it felt good to feel the power over the food.  Today 2 of my nieces and I went to the Justin Bieber movie (very good, I recommend it!).  I took my own snacks in my big purse!  I popped a bag of 100 calorie popcorn and a chocolate Fiber One bar and brought along a bottle of water.  I munched along with the girls and didn't feel deprived at all.  Saved some $$ too!  Go me!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Weigh in and I'm still here!

I am really finding it hard to find the time to update my blog now that I'm back to work!  Busy, busy these days.  I weighed in last Friday and once again it was a small loss but still a loss just the same.  I'm happy about the fact that so far I have had a loss every week since I started!  Down 0.8 lbs for a total of 9.4.  I am taking this thing day by day, minute by minute, and yes bite by bite.  Still very focused and finding it really not very hard at all.  I have had some temptations but I have really tried to substitute healthy or low calorie/point options for the foods I'm craving.  And it's working!  My first mini goal is 5% of my weight.  That would be 11 lbs.  Can't wait for that.  Also with any luck  hard work I am hoping for another 5 lb star this week.  I'm all about mini goals.  And there's nothing like stickers for Kindergarten kids and Weight Watchers.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Yes that's right folks I finally went to the gym tonight after work!  I have been really putting it off because I just don't know if this ankle is healed enough.  I rode the bike for 30 minutes, then I did some upper body on the weight machines.  Here's the best part, my ankle feels great!  I'm not ready for the treadmill, and I even think the elliptical wouldn't be good but at least it's a start and it's CARDIO!  I am excited!  Other news, my darling husband has lost 20 lbs!!  I have hardly seen him in the past 2 weeks (he's been away and I was away and he's away now!) but I'm very happy for him.  We are both on our way to getting healthy and it feels good. 

Monday, March 7, 2011

Weigh in and the Holy Grail

Weekly weigh in was good.  I am down 1.6 lbs.  I am happy with that!  I weighed in at my Sister's WW meeting.  It is a very big group (we didn't stay for the meeting) but it looked very welcoming and I wouldn't hesitate to go there if my "at work" meeting closes in the future.  I will go there for sure the week she is awarded her lifetime membership.  Such an awesome accomplishment.  My sister, and two of my cousins and I traveled 4 hours on Friday to a cute Bed and Breakfast to get together and do some Scrapbooking.  We had so much fun!  The B&B was so nice, and the woman that runs it was so friendly!  I'll link you to her blog That Country Place  The only problem was that she was an awesome cook and the meals were to die for!  Problem being that there wasn't choices when it came to meal time so I had to do my best.  I just hope I don't gain this week.  I am sticking like glue to the program now, so it was really only 1 day that I didn't do great.  I should be fine (she says hopefully).  On to the Holy Grail.  I talked with my sister a lot about reaching her goal.  I wanted to hear how it feels to be there.  It's like she is at the place in her life that I have always dreamed about.  According to her, it's as awesome as I think it will be.  I am reading a book that was on a fellow blogger's recommended reading list.  It is called "Half Assed:  A Weight Loss Memoir by Jeannette Fulda.  It is a great book about a woman that lost almost 200 lbs.  This book is the first one I bought on my new Kindle e-reader!!  I'm  loving it so far.  I actually think I'll go read right now! 

Friday, February 25, 2011

Weigh in Day

I lost 0.2 lb today.  I am not proud of that but I am proud of 7 lbs total.  I can put another turquoise stone in my jar.  I have been weighing in my yoga pants so far and today I wore jeans.  I'm sure they are at least a pound heavier.  So I'm not going to let it bother me.  My sister (who by the way is at GOAL) has been giving me great advice and pep talks.  She said it took her about 10 months to lose 40 lbs so that is an average of 4 lbs per month.  She said that often it was in small amounts like 0.4 or 0.6 and they all add up to make pounds lost.  It's not going to come off overnight, this I know for sure. 

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Back to work and lists

Back to work yesterday and I have to tell you it sucks!  (For those of you who don't know, I am a laboratory technologist and I work at the Veterinary Lab at the College of Vet Med.  It's a fun and interesting job most of the time but it can be crazy busy!)  Just kidding really, I love my job but it was nice to not be there for 6 weeks.  I was getting bored though so it was time.  I wish my ankle was in agreement.  It was very sore and swollen last night.  My sweet husband had supper all ready for me and cleaned up after too.  I was able to ice and elevate my foot for the evening.  Tonight is more of the same I'm afraid.  I am just so tired of this saga.  Can't wait for it to feel better. 

Once again I am becoming obsessed with the scale.  I hate it.  My husband is weighing every morning and I am always right behind him.  So here's the thing, between yesterday's weigh in and today it was a 1.5 lb gain.  I have been sticking like glue to the program so I don't know how this can happen.  I also had a hysterectomy a few years ago so it's not PMS!  I really just think a person's body weight just fluctuates that much on a daily basis.  I have to hide the scale again!!  It makes me crazy.

I have been trying to make a new list of why I want to lose weight.  I did some searching and found an awesome list of 70 reasons!  I'm going to post it here.  I'll put my small little list after.

 70 Reasons to Lose Weight

· If you lose weight, you will be more appealing to others.

· If you lose weight, you can have skinny people as friends again.

· If you lose weight, you will feel the power of accomplishment.

· If you lose weight, you can get regular shoes instead of Velcro.

· If you lose weight, you won't have to worry about wearing revealing clothes such as shorts or a bathing suit.

· If you lose weight, you will stop wearing out the thighs of your pants.

· If you lose weight, you can bury that self-consciousness about people watching you eat, wondering how much you weigh, and all those other mental games that the conscious is capable of.

· If you lose weight, you will be able to go out in a boat on a lake.

· If you lose weight, you will feel like playing with your pets again, and you will be able to.

· If you lose weight, you won't embarrass people when you tell them you are not pregnant.

· If you lose weight, the clothes you wear will look better on you and will appear tailored instead of baggy and sloppy.

· If you lose weight, you can toss those industrial-sized granny panties and get some that are cute and sexy.

· If you lose weight, not only will you ease your mind about your health, you will ease the minds of friends and family who also worry about you.

· If you lose weight, you can quit worrying about coming up with new excuses for being overweight.

· If you lose weight, getting dressed in the morning will be enjoyable instead of the trigger for depression.

· If you lose weight, you can shave all of your legs instead of just what you can reach.

· If you lose weight, you will feel sexier and when you feel sexier, you will become sexier.

· If you lose weight, you will feel more comfortable when driving or riding in a car.

· If you lose weight, you will be able to use a regular towel instead of the beach towels.

· If you lose weight, you will feel good about yourself.

· If you lose weight, you will be able to wear one of the patient gowns at the doctor's office instead of two or three.

· If you lose weight, you will feel better physically.

· If you lose weight, your breasts will undoubtedly stick out farther than your stomach.

· If you lose weight, you will be able to buy stylish clothes that you like, not just because they fit.

· If you lose weight, you won't mind telling people how much you weigh.

· If you lose weight, your heart won't have to work as hard.

· If you lose weight, you can cross your legs again.

· If you lose weight, you will be happier.

· If you lose weight, you won't dread having your picture taken.

· If you lose weight, you will be healthier and less likely to acquire illnesses associated with weight gain such as diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol, and poor circulation.

· If you lose weight, you will be able to wipe yourself completely again.

· If you lose weight, you won't mind eating around others.

· If you lose weight, you will be better able to detect tumors or abnormal growths.

· If you lose weight, you will eat healthier food; therefore your family will eat healthier.

· If you lose weight, you won't perspire as much, and will feel and smell cleaner.

· If you lose weight, you will be less winded when walking stairs or long distances.

· If you lose weight, your laundry time will be reduced because of the smaller clothing.

· If you lose weight, you will become an inspiration and motivator to others who are trying to lose weight.

· If you lose weight, people in the grocery store won't be analyzing your cart to see what you're eating that's making you so fat.

· If you lose weight, you will live longer.

· If you lose weight, you can ride a horse instead of torturing it.

· If you lose weight, you won't have a fear of scales any more.

· If you lose weight, friends and family will be able to remember you as a small person instead of a fat person.

· If you lose weight, you will look better, and when you look better, you automatically feel better.

· If you lose weight, you won't dislike skinny people again.

· If you lose weight, you won't mind looking in the mirror.

· If you lose weight, you will want to go to that next class reunion.

· If you lose weight, your back and feet will thank you.

· If you lose weight, you can ride a motorcycle again because you will be able to successfully lean with the bike.

· If you lose weight, you will become less critical and negative about yourself.

· If you lose weight, your grocery bill will be reduced.

· If you lose weight, you will want to take the stairs instead of the elevator (and you'll be able to!).

· If you lose weight, your doctor's visits and medical expenses will likely be reduced.

· If you lose weight, you will be able to order clothes from your favorite catalog again.

· If you lose weight, you will feel like doing more activities.

· If you lose weight, you will have more mobilityto do things like, play with kids/grandkids, walk, run, do housework, yard work, etc.

· If you lose weight, you can enjoy dancing again without feeling ashamed.

· If you lose weight, close friends and family will stop naggingyou about dieting and losing weight.

· If you lose weight, you will be more likely to exercise which will make you more physically fit.

· If you lose weight, you will be able to wear a sexy bra (that actually fits).

· If you lose weight, you will have more confidence and boost your self-esteem.

· If you lose weight, summer can be your favorite season of the year again.

· If you lose weight, you will get to wear smaller sized clothing.

· If you lose weight, your doctor will stop badgering you about weight loss plans, healthy eating, blah, blah, blah. (Like you really want to look the way you do.)

· If you lose weight, shopping will be more enjoyable because you will be looking for smaller sized clothes in the latest styles.

· If you lose weight, you won't feel hatred toward mirrors

· If you lose weight, you will unleash energy that's been stored up inside you.

· If you lose weight, you can offer support and encouragement to others who are trying to lose weight.

· If you lose weight, your socks will stay up over your calves.

· If you lose weight, you can go to the movies again and not have to worry about fitting in the seats.

Here's my new 2011 list of reasons I want to lose weight:

1.  to be at a healthy BMI
2.  to be a lifetime member at Weight Watchers
3.  to finally get out of the "plus size" section of clothes (and to be able to buy clothes at Costco!)
4.  to not be afraid to go to the Doctor (mine usually mentions my weight and the fact that I need to lose, so I would love to go and not have that be an issue anymore!)

Really that's about it.  The 70 reasons are great though!  I can relate to so many of them.