Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday morning weigh in

I am excited to say my Monday morning weigh in was good! 222.5 lbs. So that's a 6.5 lb loss for the week. I am happy about that but I must say it was all about the food choices. I only got to the gym 2 times. I caught a bad cold that has me down for the count. I stayed home from work today. I am feeling like crap. I had some blood tests done last week and this morning had a call from my Dr's office. The nurse said my cholesterol was high and my Dr wants me to go on a low fat diet and start to exercise. What a coincidence!! So I guess I knew that it was time to do something about this body of mine. I have a complete physical with my Dr. on Oct 14. I hope to have dropped a few more pounds by then.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sick with a cold :-(

So here I sit, sick with a cold. I have given myself a few days off from the gym. I can't breathe and feel like crap! I had to work today. I am disappointed that I can't exercise. Tomorrow I'll see how I feel and maybe go for a light work out. On a brighter note, eating has been right on track! Eating lots of veggies and trying hard to get my water in too. I'm going to make Monday my weigh in day so hopefully I'll see a loss then. Family supper tomorrow, I'm hoping I can stay on track there.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Awesome salads!

Day 4 of taking my lunch to work. I have been bringing the most awesome salads! Just tossed salads but I have been putting lots of great veggies in there. Things like sugar snap peas and red grapes. Sooo good. The other thing I found was yogurt by Silhouette called Satisfaction. It's really good and the best part is it has 8 grams of protein per serving and only 80 calories!! I am amazed at how filling it is. I went to the gym last night and had the orientation for the 20 minute weight machine workout. It was good. I ended up not having much time after to do much of a work out. I didn't go today but plan to go straight from work tomorrow. I know that once I get home it's waaaayyyy harder to go out after. Today I had another MRI of my ankle. The ortho Dr. thinks it may not be healing quite like it should. Hopefully the MRI will show that the tendons are still intact and it's just taking time to heal. I have to admit my eating was really good today. I know that is where I need to make some changes. Baby steps.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

September 21, 2010

Well here it is September and I really haven't lost any weight. An update on the ankle. I saw the Dr. and he thinks it may not be healing as fast as it should. So I am going for another MRI on Thursday the 23rd of September. Hopefully it will show that the tendons are still repaired and just inflamed. Actually it hasn't been feeling too bad lately. I am hoping it's finally healing. I joined the new Good Life Fitness gym yesterday! I feel really good about that decision. I did the bike and elliptical trainer and my ankle feels alright. I am getting ready to go tonight too. Tomorrow I am going at 6:00 for a orientation session for the quick 20 minute circuit training. I realize that going to the gym isn't the only thing that will help me to lose weight. I know that I have to change my eating habits too. My plan is to just try to make small changes so that it isn't such a drastic change in my life. I have been eating awesome salads for lunch and I love it! Lunches are an issue with me. I quite often eat things I have grabbed on the run, or at a fast food restaurant. I think making sure I pack my lunch every day will help me a lot. So, here I go again.