Thursday, September 23, 2010

Awesome salads!

Day 4 of taking my lunch to work. I have been bringing the most awesome salads! Just tossed salads but I have been putting lots of great veggies in there. Things like sugar snap peas and red grapes. Sooo good. The other thing I found was yogurt by Silhouette called Satisfaction. It's really good and the best part is it has 8 grams of protein per serving and only 80 calories!! I am amazed at how filling it is. I went to the gym last night and had the orientation for the 20 minute weight machine workout. It was good. I ended up not having much time after to do much of a work out. I didn't go today but plan to go straight from work tomorrow. I know that once I get home it's waaaayyyy harder to go out after. Today I had another MRI of my ankle. The ortho Dr. thinks it may not be healing quite like it should. Hopefully the MRI will show that the tendons are still intact and it's just taking time to heal. I have to admit my eating was really good today. I know that is where I need to make some changes. Baby steps.

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