Friday, January 28, 2011

Weigh In Day!

2.4 lbs down!!  Not a huge loss but I'm happy with that.  I know that I did everything right and without any exercise at all I think I did pretty good.  I had a good day today.  I went out for lunch with my Mom and sister to Chili's.  I had a grilled chicken sandwich with a salad.  It was very good.  I counted and tracked the points and then I had a salad with crab meat with supper.  I am feeling good about my loss and my day!  Go me :-)

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Foot update

I just had to add a picture of my life these days.  My foot is getting better (still some bruising and swelling) but I'm being so cautious this time.  I really, really want it to heal well!!  So I have been icing (love my bag of peas, best ice pack ever!), and keeping it elevated lots.  I'm hoping it will pay off in the end.  Oh ya, I think I need a pedicure :-)

The shoebox of weight loss fails :-(

I really don't know why I have saved all these things but I feel I have to share it here.  I have saved all the diet programs that I have tried (of course they aren't all represented here, some didn't have program info to save).  Some of them of resulted in weight loss.  I guess the lesson here is it's not about the program that you follow, because I think you are able to lose weight with any program.  What I'm trying to say is if you are ready and willing to change your lifestyle for good it really doesn't matter what "diet" you are following.  I have lost weight with Richard Simmons, LA weight loss, Weight Watchers and I have lost weight on my own.  The key being I have never KEPT the weight off.  I really hope this time will be different.  I hope the time that I have off work this time (at the beginning of my journey) will really help.  I am able to plan meals, find things I can eat that I like and are not only good for me but low in points plus.  I am also able to do a lot of soul searching.  In my shoebox of weight loss memories I also found a little slip of paper with a list written on it.  I want to share that with you.

I want to:
  1. wear a belt (and not worry about a roll over top)
  2. not have people ask "when are you due?" (although age helps this one!)
  3. try on a size 16 and have it be too big - size 14 or smaller fits just right
  4. walk in a room and not be the biggest person there.
  5. feel sexy again
  6. put on a swimsuit and feel great in it!
  7. have people start to notice and say "you've lost weight" and "I think you've lost enough, don't you?"
  8. have nice legs again
  9. have a waist!
  10. shop in a regular store and get out of the "plus" sizes
  11. buy a size medium anything!!

This list is so funny to me now!  I have accomplished some of those things since I have written it, but I am back to wishing for them again.  #2 is not a concern anymore!  I am 47 years old and that hasn't happened for a very  long time now.  Although I remember a few times when it did and how sad I felt after. #3 is interesting, because the last time I lost almost 40 lbs I was in size 14 and it was awesome!  I can't wait to get there again.  I am wearing a size 18 right now.  #11 is kind of funny too.  I'm pretty sure a medium is going to be an unrealistic goal, but even a large would be awesome!  Most of my shirts are XXL or XL.  There is something so annoying about the "X".  I present to you the shoebox---->

the shoebox of weight loss memories

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

In a Funk today but not running to the fridge

I am in a funk today.  I have some things going on which I won't go into but I just think with the fact that I'm housebound, my kids are giving me grief and just a general feeling of blah!  I am really trying not to turn to food.  I'm doing good so far, staying within my points.  I am worried about these kind of days in the future though, because these are the days that make me want to attack the fridge or go to the drive through window.  This early in the program my willpower is high.  I know that there will be days where it will be low.  I'm just hoping that I can work through those days.  I'm watching Oprah now and it's all about being happy.  What a coincidence! Tomorrow is another day, and I hope it will be better  fantastic!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Addicted to the scale

I am a scale addict. There I said it. When I had my foot surgery on Jan 12 my husband took our scale and put it somewhere. He moved it so that I had a clear path to the bathroom. The funny thing is, I haven't asked him where it is and I don't know where it is. Here's the deal, I'm dying to weigh myself!! I am trying so hard to stay away from it though because in the past it has really sabotaged my weight loss efforts. I have those days where I would get on the scale and if it was high, I would feel defeated and eat. Other times if it was a loss I would feel invincible and eat (because I felt I could eat something as a reward, or because I had "room" to cheat and still show a loss for the week). None of it makes sense, I know that but my scale addicted self could always make excuses to eat. That's the bottom line. So, here I sit day 4 of Weight Watchers and I want to weigh myself. I won't though, because I don't know where the scale is. I don't think I will ask either :-)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Weight Watchers Day 2 and foot saga continues....

Update on me! January 12th I underwent another surgery on my tendon in my ankle. Specifically my peroneus brevis. The Dr. said the surgery went good. When he got in there the brevis longitudinal split was healing nicely but there was a flap of damaged tenon above it. He said that is what was causing me the pain after the first surgery. I am a bit confused as to where that came from but I guess if it heals nicely and I can get back to some sort of physical exercise I will be happy! Even to be able to function normally without pain and swelling will be awesome. I look forward to that. It has been rough, as with the last surgery. I was in a fair bit of pain, not so much now but still lots of swelling and the incision looks nasty. Not infected nasty, but sore and because he actually cut right over the last one this aint going away anytime soon. Oh well, that is the least of my worries! I am off work for 6 weeks which really sucks since I don't have enough sick time to cover it. I have to take all my bank time and vacation time and 2.5 days without pay. At least I get my 3 weeks vacation time again at the beginning of April so I will still be able to take time off this summer! I am dealing with boredom now. Watching TV is not doing it for me and I can't read all day so I'm finding the days long. I hope once it starts to feel better I can do some scrapbooking. Right now I can't sit up for that long. On to my next news - I joined Weight Watchers on Friday!! There is an at work program that will go for 12 weeks. It will be great once I'm back at work to have the meetings right there (well in the building next door at least). The program is very easy to follow and I'm loving the points plus! Free fruits are awesome! I'm disgusted at my starting weight but I'm really trying to focus on the smaller goals, 5% at first, then 10% and so on. I am so motivated by my sister Nancy! She has done so great. Almost at goal, something I've never been able to do. This time will be different, I can feel it in my bones!