Sunday, January 23, 2011

Weight Watchers Day 2 and foot saga continues....

Update on me! January 12th I underwent another surgery on my tendon in my ankle. Specifically my peroneus brevis. The Dr. said the surgery went good. When he got in there the brevis longitudinal split was healing nicely but there was a flap of damaged tenon above it. He said that is what was causing me the pain after the first surgery. I am a bit confused as to where that came from but I guess if it heals nicely and I can get back to some sort of physical exercise I will be happy! Even to be able to function normally without pain and swelling will be awesome. I look forward to that. It has been rough, as with the last surgery. I was in a fair bit of pain, not so much now but still lots of swelling and the incision looks nasty. Not infected nasty, but sore and because he actually cut right over the last one this aint going away anytime soon. Oh well, that is the least of my worries! I am off work for 6 weeks which really sucks since I don't have enough sick time to cover it. I have to take all my bank time and vacation time and 2.5 days without pay. At least I get my 3 weeks vacation time again at the beginning of April so I will still be able to take time off this summer! I am dealing with boredom now. Watching TV is not doing it for me and I can't read all day so I'm finding the days long. I hope once it starts to feel better I can do some scrapbooking. Right now I can't sit up for that long. On to my next news - I joined Weight Watchers on Friday!! There is an at work program that will go for 12 weeks. It will be great once I'm back at work to have the meetings right there (well in the building next door at least). The program is very easy to follow and I'm loving the points plus! Free fruits are awesome! I'm disgusted at my starting weight but I'm really trying to focus on the smaller goals, 5% at first, then 10% and so on. I am so motivated by my sister Nancy! She has done so great. Almost at goal, something I've never been able to do. This time will be different, I can feel it in my bones!

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Chubby McGee said...

I've had issues with my feet all my life. I hate them.

But the plus side: as you lose weight, your feet will feel better.


Can't wait to see you kick butt on your W.W. journey!!! You're gonna rock!