Wednesday, January 26, 2011

In a Funk today but not running to the fridge

I am in a funk today.  I have some things going on which I won't go into but I just think with the fact that I'm housebound, my kids are giving me grief and just a general feeling of blah!  I am really trying not to turn to food.  I'm doing good so far, staying within my points.  I am worried about these kind of days in the future though, because these are the days that make me want to attack the fridge or go to the drive through window.  This early in the program my willpower is high.  I know that there will be days where it will be low.  I'm just hoping that I can work through those days.  I'm watching Oprah now and it's all about being happy.  What a coincidence! Tomorrow is another day, and I hope it will be better  fantastic!


Shelley said...

Funks are not fun. Good job not trying to eat your way out of it...although I've tried that many times, it doesn't work. Still, knowing that doesn't always stop me from trying once again, lol. Hope tomorrow IS a fantastic day for you! :)

P.S. woohoo, it worked! :) :) :)

Kim A said...

Thanks Shelley! I love it when my willpower level is HIGH!