Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Addicted to the scale

I am a scale addict. There I said it. When I had my foot surgery on Jan 12 my husband took our scale and put it somewhere. He moved it so that I had a clear path to the bathroom. The funny thing is, I haven't asked him where it is and I don't know where it is. Here's the deal, I'm dying to weigh myself!! I am trying so hard to stay away from it though because in the past it has really sabotaged my weight loss efforts. I have those days where I would get on the scale and if it was high, I would feel defeated and eat. Other times if it was a loss I would feel invincible and eat (because I felt I could eat something as a reward, or because I had "room" to cheat and still show a loss for the week). None of it makes sense, I know that but my scale addicted self could always make excuses to eat. That's the bottom line. So, here I sit day 4 of Weight Watchers and I want to weigh myself. I won't though, because I don't know where the scale is. I don't think I will ask either :-)

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Nancy said...

That is so funny to me because I am so totally not addicted to the scale--I have gone years without getting weighed. Even now after 1 year on Weight Watchers, I don't own one and as I am heading into maintenance I am not too thrilled to have to buy one. But I will so I can keep an eye on things.
But boy can I relate to the eat for reward or solace mentality. Food is a drug for many of us.