Monday, July 16, 2012

Birthday and Running....

Long time no post.  I have really been wondering what to do about this blog.  Keep it, get rid of it, try actually posting here once in awhile.  I realize that it would be silly to quit blogging.  Keeping this blog over my journey to getting my Lifetime membership to WW was an important part of the whole experience.  And I have come to realize it's not over.  The journey continues.  Do I need to post weigh ins?  Do I need to post more often?  Do I have anything to say that anyone wants to hear?  I don't know.  But I do know that I need to start posting more often.

Recap of my life in the past few months.  On June 3rd I turned 49 years old.  I can't believe I'm almost 50!  I don't feel that old.  But I'm in better shape now than when I was in my 30's so that's a good thing.  My birthday was great.  I walked the Weight Watchers 5K Walk it challenge with my sister in law Laurie (a new WW member) and my sister Nancy (a lifetime WW member).
Laurie, Nancy and I

I went and had a pedicure and manicure.  It was wonderful.  I got a bright pink color on both.  

One of the highlights of my day was getting a Tweet from Jennifer Hudson herself!  I was so excited!  For those of you that are into Twitter you know what this is all about.  

Then my parents had a Birthday supper for myself and my two boys (Brett was working and couldn't make it).  Mitch's birthday is May 19 and Brett's is June 2.  The day before mine. 
Mitch and I with our cake 

I was also training for my first 5 K race.  I was getting very nervous and really having a lot of doubts about my abilities and if I really belonged in this group of people that call themselves "runners".  I had dinner with my sister Nancy on Friday night and told her how I was feeling.  She told me not to worry, that I'd be fine.  I had to work on Saturday before the race so I had my sister Nancy pick up my "race package".  She left it at my house for me.  In it was a little card with words that I will try to always remember.  She is so good with words.  

"Just remember that no matter what we have or do, there is always someone who appears to do it faster, better, stronger.  The key is to find joy in our own accomplishments and successes.  We don't always know their stories, nor they ours.  You have accomplished so much this past year.  Be gentle and loving to yourself and try to silence the critical, perfectionistic voice that wants you to believe that none of it is good enough.  That voice is lying!  You are a beautiful, amazing, kind, strong woman and I am so proud of you!  I will be running with you in spirit tomorrow and maybe in real time someday."

Wow, words to live by right?  Well, race day came and it was pouring rain.  My sweet husband agreed to come and cheer me on.  
doesn't he look so happy to be here?

I was nervous but I just told myself, you having been running 5K for awhile now so just get out there and run.  Don't worry about anyone else.  So I just tried to relax and run!  It went great.  Lots of people went by me at first but I kept my pace similar to what I would normally run and soon I was passing some of those people!  I ended up with a time of  31:22.  Which is a personal best for me.  I have been doing it in about 34  so I was very happy with that.  Here are some photos from the race.

I was very wet by then!
almost finished!

Finish line!!

It felt so good to run a race.  That day was also our 23rd Anniversary.  I was so happy to have my husband there to cheer me on.  We have been through a lot in 23 years but I wouldn't change it for the world.  We ended the day with a supper out to the Keg with or boys.  It was great.

23 years!

Sadly, after that race on June 10th I hurt my foot (left foot, same one that has had 2 surgeries).  I have been struggling with plantar faciitis ever since.  I have only tried to run once since that day and it was agony.  I have been icing it and stretching it and hoping that it will go away.  I have gone to the Dr. and she says I just need to rest it.  I also have some physio scheduled.  I am frustrated, just when my I was finally able to run a whole 5K I now have to stop running.  Hopefully temporarily.  In the meantime I have gone back to weekly yoga and hope to add one more class a week.  I am still doing my Body Pump weight class at the gym and loving how that makes me feel.  So onward and upward from here.