Thursday, January 27, 2011

The shoebox of weight loss fails :-(

I really don't know why I have saved all these things but I feel I have to share it here.  I have saved all the diet programs that I have tried (of course they aren't all represented here, some didn't have program info to save).  Some of them of resulted in weight loss.  I guess the lesson here is it's not about the program that you follow, because I think you are able to lose weight with any program.  What I'm trying to say is if you are ready and willing to change your lifestyle for good it really doesn't matter what "diet" you are following.  I have lost weight with Richard Simmons, LA weight loss, Weight Watchers and I have lost weight on my own.  The key being I have never KEPT the weight off.  I really hope this time will be different.  I hope the time that I have off work this time (at the beginning of my journey) will really help.  I am able to plan meals, find things I can eat that I like and are not only good for me but low in points plus.  I am also able to do a lot of soul searching.  In my shoebox of weight loss memories I also found a little slip of paper with a list written on it.  I want to share that with you.

I want to:
  1. wear a belt (and not worry about a roll over top)
  2. not have people ask "when are you due?" (although age helps this one!)
  3. try on a size 16 and have it be too big - size 14 or smaller fits just right
  4. walk in a room and not be the biggest person there.
  5. feel sexy again
  6. put on a swimsuit and feel great in it!
  7. have people start to notice and say "you've lost weight" and "I think you've lost enough, don't you?"
  8. have nice legs again
  9. have a waist!
  10. shop in a regular store and get out of the "plus" sizes
  11. buy a size medium anything!!

This list is so funny to me now!  I have accomplished some of those things since I have written it, but I am back to wishing for them again.  #2 is not a concern anymore!  I am 47 years old and that hasn't happened for a very  long time now.  Although I remember a few times when it did and how sad I felt after. #3 is interesting, because the last time I lost almost 40 lbs I was in size 14 and it was awesome!  I can't wait to get there again.  I am wearing a size 18 right now.  #11 is kind of funny too.  I'm pretty sure a medium is going to be an unrealistic goal, but even a large would be awesome!  Most of my shirts are XXL or XL.  There is something so annoying about the "X".  I present to you the shoebox---->

the shoebox of weight loss memories


Kelly said...

hi auntie! it's kelly. my mom just mentioned your blog to me while we are watching american idol. I have to laugh at people asking when you are due- this happened to me once and I have never forgotten it! quite the rude awakening.

Kim A said...

Yes that is a very rude comment unless the person is ready to pop! You just never know.

Shelley said...

Interesting that you saved all of your WL stuff - I always got rid of mine (too embarrassed? not sure why). Very cool that you found the list, and you know what? You WILL fit into a medium one of these days. :)

Kim A said...

I really don't know why I saved the WL stuff. I guess my thinking is that maybe I would pull out a plan and follow it on my own. I suppose I did that from time to time but not often. I'm still not sure about the "medium" goal but I do think I need to make a new list! I have different reasons to lose the weight for good this time. Thanks for your comment :-)