Saturday, May 7, 2011

Weigh in

I'm down another pound this week!  Happy with that number because last week was a big loss.  I also got my "clapping hands" charm for staying with the program for 16 consecutive weeks.

So hopefully next week I will get another 5 lb star (sticker) and a 25 lb charm to put on my key chain!  I am just eating this stuff up!!  It's so motivational.  Weight Watchers I have to give you credit for having a great program to follow and lots of motivational incentives.  The stickers and charms are awesome.  Love it.  Here's to another week of seeing the numbers going down!                                                             


Chubby McGee said...

AWESOME! Just awesome! I like the little clapping hands. That's so cute! Shoot...I want one. LOL!

Great work, kiddo! Doesn't all this weight loss stuff make you glow?

Bethlin said...

Congrats!! I know what you mean about being motivated by the little things sometimes - I was not a WWer, but at one point I had a calendar with star stickers and there was something about being able to put a sticker up everyday that helped me push through some of those cravings or lazy days. Not everytime for sure, but if it helped even once, it was worth it!

Shauna said...

Good for you, keep thinking lifestyle change and how healthy you are getting. So proud of you.
Cool Bling you are getting I never got anything like that when I was on WW.

Kim A said...

Thanks for the comments! It does feel good that's for sure.