Thursday, May 19, 2011

Size 14!!

I have been struggling this week.  Not with food choices, or exercise those things are going right on target.  My mood has been a bit down.  You know the feeling that it's not going fast enough, or I want to be thin and fit NOW not next year!!  Of course those aren't realistic thoughts but I can't help it.  Last night I went through the bags of clothes that my sister gave me a few months ago.  To my surprise there was quite a few things that fit me!  I tried lots of capri pants on and jeans in size 16, then I thought what the heck I'll try on the 14's.......they FIT ME!!  I am now wearing a pair of size 14 jeans.  It was just what I needed to get out of my funk, and what a great way to show myself the progress I've made so far.  I wore those jeans to work and I could just feel my mood was lifted.  Now I need to pack up all my 2X and size 18 clothes that are too big.  Time to make room in my closet for all the "new to me" clothes that now fit!  Yay me :-)


Chubby McGee said...


The pants don't lie!

You're doing really well. Just keep on goin' and focus, focus, focus on where you want to be in the end.

That'll help with those funks. ;)

Shelley said...

YAY YAY YAY!!!! Love it when you get surprises like the size 14s!!! Great job Kim!!!

Shauna said...

OMG Size 14 You can start roaming in "regular stores " again no more shopping at pennington's. You go GIRL!! congrats there is no better feeling then to try on clothes you thought were too small and find they fit I spent 1 hour one day and tried on everything in my wardrobe and packed up everything too big. VERY satisfying. You look Marvelous darling !!!