Thursday, April 28, 2011


Today my new Weight Watchers scale (that I bought in Minot) read 199.5 lbs!!!  Onederland is finally here.  I know that the scale at my WW meeting will be more but that's OK it will catch up eventually.  I have had a great week.  Lots of challenges but I didn't cave even once!  First there was Easter.  I did have a bit of chocolate, but I counted the points, enjoyed it and moved on.  Easter supper was tough but I just had small amounts and even had a small slice of angel food cake.  Once again, I enjoyed it and moved on.  One day this week someone brought Cupcake Conspiracy to work.  Amazing cupcakes.  They looked so good.  I didn't have one.  Then today it was a going away party for someone at work, carrot cake.  Nope not me!  There was fruit and that was what I had.  I'm getting really stubborn.  I just don't want to "undo" what I've done already if that makes sense?  I'll post my official WW weigh in tomorrow.  Looking forward to it (did I just say that?).


Shelley said...

Woohoo, congratulations on hitting Onederland!!! And way to go on all the restrain you showed with week with the treats - nice work, Kim! :)

Kim A said...

Thank you so much Shelley! It feels pretty darn good :-)