Friday, April 22, 2011

Trying to be patient.......

I know I have been doing great so far but sometimes it's so hard to be patient.  I weighed in on Wednesday again this week as my regular Friday meeting was canceled due to Good Friday.  I was down 0.2 lb.  Since I was away for the weekend I am not surprised by this number.  I tried hard to stay right on the plan but I did use some of my 49 extra points which frankly I have not done much at all so far.  I am so close to my 10% goal and my other "onederland" goal.  This morning 0.7 lb away!  I am just hoping that I can stay away from the Easter food and treats.  I have to keep my eyes on the prize!  Pretty sure I'm not the only one that wants weight loss to be faster.  I have been doing pretty good with the gym and last night I tried the rowing machine!  I could only do about 5 minutes but I could really feel it in my arms and it was also a great cardio workout.  It also didn't bother my ankle at all.  So I would really like to increase my time on that machine and use it along with the elliptical.

I guess I will continue to do what I'm doing, and try to be patient!  Happy Easter to all :-)

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Nancy said...

I guess this is why they say patience is a virtue. We all know how hard it is to be virtuous!
You are doing so great Kim! And since I was with you last weekend I know how well you did with many temptations. You were very intentional and controlled.
I just remember my WW leader saying that the .2's and .4's all add up too. We always want it faster but I think slow and steady is the key because you are learning so much as you go along--about your habits, your emotional eating patterns, how your body reacts to different foods, how exercise impacts your weight. Hang in there sistah! You rock.