Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Weigh in and I'm still here!

I am really finding it hard to find the time to update my blog now that I'm back to work!  Busy, busy these days.  I weighed in last Friday and once again it was a small loss but still a loss just the same.  I'm happy about the fact that so far I have had a loss every week since I started!  Down 0.8 lbs for a total of 9.4.  I am taking this thing day by day, minute by minute, and yes bite by bite.  Still very focused and finding it really not very hard at all.  I have had some temptations but I have really tried to substitute healthy or low calorie/point options for the foods I'm craving.  And it's working!  My first mini goal is 5% of my weight.  That would be 11 lbs.  Can't wait for that.  Also with any luck  hard work I am hoping for another 5 lb star this week.  I'm all about mini goals.  And there's nothing like stickers for Kindergarten kids and Weight Watchers.


Chubby McGee said...

"I am taking this thing day by day, minute by minute, and yes bite by bite."

That's my approach. It makes it more bearable for me than looking at the big, huge picture I have in front of me (76 more lbs!) I find it helps: day by day, minute by minute, and bite by bite.

You're a superstar! Keep goin'!

Chubby McGee said...

P.S. I'm still here in Blogland! I went private, but, if you'd still like to follow, I'll need your email addy to send you an invite. I thought I did it right this a.m., but...apparently not. :(


Kim A said...

Thanks so much for your support! It feels good to know your out there. I'll send you an email right away.