Friday, September 16, 2011

Weigh In Day!

Down 1.8 lbs for a total of 43.4 lbs total!!  I'm pretty happy with that.  I'm getting so close to my next reward charm for my key chain!  I will get another circle charm when I lose 50 lbs.  I find it's been really helping to have small goals.  When I started and I saw that I needed to lose 63.4 lbs it seemed like so much to lose!  I have been looking at getting into the new numbers for each mini-goal (10 lbs at a time).  Also the Weight Watchers small goals are great too.  First 5%, then 10% and 5 lb star stickers, then charms for 25 and 50 and lifetime of course (the holy grail!).

At our meeting today we were talking about having the "perfect week" and what that means to us.  That is, what we would need to do to have the perfect week.  Of course everyone talked about drinking water, tracking all food eaten, following the food guidelines, know the usual.  I put my hand up and told the story of why I think Weight Watchers is working for me this time.  I am really liking the fact that you have 49 bonus points per week.  I am very careful and rarely go over my 29 daily points, BUT if I do run into something that I really want that is a bit higher in points or if I go out for a meal I can use some of those bonus points.  The thing is, I can do this and still have a "perfect week".  Other times as soon as I screwed up I would say "what the heck" and either blow the whole day or the whole week.  I would get down on myself and feel like "I suck at losing weight", and "I can't do this".  This time it just feels different and it's working!

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