Sunday, September 11, 2011

Good Day!

I just had to share.  I went to my yoga class this morning and it was the same instructor that I took my first yoga class from just 2 months ago.  She hasn't taught that much over the summer, so I hadn't seen her for awhile.  She remembered my name (which really impressed me) and when the class was over she said that she could really see improvement in my poses and strength.  Also, she said I would soon be teaching the class!  Hahaha now that's a good one!  Anyway, it sure made me feel good to know that I am making progress.  Yoga is great, I just love it.


Shelley said...

Loving the yoga love. :)

Kim A said...

The Yoga love! LOL Can you believe that you and I are "Yogis"?? Is that what they call 2 people that practice Yoga?