Friday, September 9, 2011

too good to be true!

I think my big loss last week is catching up with me!  I weighed in today and gained 0.2 lb.  I have been averaging about a pound a week so I guess it's to be expected with a bigger loss last week.  Also, I wore jeans for the first time since Winter I think.  I usually wear jeans to work but I have been wearing a lighter cotton pant on weigh in days and last week since I wasn't at work I wore jean capri pants.  So, I am thinking that part of the gain is clothing.  Not gonna let it bother me (who am I trying to convince?).


Nancy said...

You are absolutely right on these points. The heavy pants make a big difference...and as one of my good friends always says--.2 is a good poop. Sorry if I've offended anyone.
Also, I know for me as I got closer to the end the weight loss slowed down and I would do this gain one week, lose a bit stay the same, lose a bit, gain a bit. No matter what I did.
What I had to do near the end is change a few things to up my metabolism.
1. Eat more frequently--going too long makes your metabolism slow down.
2. Increase your muscle mass by lifting more weight. Muscle weight works at a higher metabolic rate.
3. Drink ice cold water at every meal. It requires more energy to metabolize ice cold water.
4. Increase your protein intake and decrease your carbs. That may mean fruit a bit if you are eating more than 5 servings each day. I hated this one but it makes sense. Fruit has calories even though it is "free". Today I ate a banana and a pear. That's likely about 200 calories.
5. Increase your activity. Try to do something high intensity 4-5 times each week.

This worked for me to get me over the hump. I didn't do every single thing all the time, but I did some of them at times.
Hang in there Kim. You are getting so close. This is a minor blip. Another thing to do is look at monthly totals instead of weekly.

Kim A said...

Thanks Nancy and of course you are right!

Shelley said...

It's the jeans...but you are right to not let it bother you after such a successful run like you've had. You are STILL doing great!