Monday, November 28, 2011

Bad Blogger I am

Finally a post!  I have really been slipping in the blogging department!  I am still here, I am still losing, and I am still in this to the end.  I can't honestly say that I have lost much weight in the last month or so but it's getting way harder to lose now.  In order to lose any weight I seem to have to have "perfect weeks" or at least more good days than days that I went "off" program or didn't track, etc.  Christmas is coming but I am bound and determined to not let that get in the way.  It's only food.  I will allow myself a little taste of my favorite things and I'm pretty sure Christmas Day I will not be tracking too closely!  But I plan on getting to the gym lots and hitting my treadmill too, that will help.  I was at Costco this Saturday with my husband and bought a cute sweater to wear with leggings (it's all about the leggings these days!).  I got it in a size large which I'm used to buying now.  I got it home and tried it on and it was too big!!  My sister and I were back today and I got a size Medium.  Low and behold, it fits perfect!  I can wear a size Medium.  Now that is awesome!  The other awesome thing was getting a flyer in the mail with coupons for one of the Plus Size clothing stores that I used to shop at.  That felt so good to toss it in the recycle bin.  Won't be needing that, I said!  So one foot in front of the other I go.....I will get there!  2012 will be my year :-)

  Size Medium top

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Shelley said...

Wow Kim, you look fantastic in that sweater, and big congrats on the size medium!!!

You'll get there, for sure, but yeah, it does slow down as you need to lose less (darnit!).