Tuesday, December 6, 2011

every day I'm strugg-e-ling (as sung to the tune of "Party Rock" by LMFAO

This past weekend my husband and I went on a little trip to Fargo, ND.  It was a long drive but it was well worth it!  We had so much fun and it was great to spend 4 whole days together.  I know that sounds weird to come from a married couple but Dean is away so much that we have really spent very little time together lately. Also, when you are at home there are so many distractions.  On our trip it was just us :-)  We did lots of shopping and lots of eating.  Yup, I said it eating!  I really had good intentions going in but there was all this good food.  I brought my exercise clothes and runners but there they sat in the suitcase, unused :-(  So here's the deal, I get on the scale Monday morning and it says I'm up 3 lbs!!!  I spend a month trying to lose 1 frigging pound and I gain 3 in one 4 day weekend!!  I am dreading weighing in on Friday.  There is no way I can lose it in 4 days.  I am really, really struggling.  I feel defeated.  Christmas is coming.  The treats are starting to arrive at work.  I resisted today but it wasn't easy.  I'm trying to re-focus on my goals.  Get tough with myself.  But I fee like I'm getting sick.  I didn't exercise today.  I had a crappy day at work and I feel like crap.  Sigh....life goes on.


Shelley said...

That probably was a sodium blip on the scale from the "outside" food - I bet your weigh-in on Friday won't be bad at all.

And it sounds like feeling sick is coloring everything in a negative way - hopefully you'll get to feeling better physically - that does a lot to improve the mental state, usually. Hang in there!

Chubby McGee said...

I sent you a shout-out today. :) Thanks so much for your gift!

Kim A said...

Awe you're so welcome Chubby! I'm glad the boys liked the card and I hope it helps a bit. Love the pic of Coco with the card :-)