Friday, December 16, 2011

Finally broke my plateau!!

I have had a good week!  My scale at home finally broke the 170 mark, and today I was actually at 167.8 lbs. I seemed to be stuck in the 170's for so long!  Weight Watchers has made a few changes to their program.  One of them was to decrease the minimum daily points plus target to 26 from 29.  So that's what I did this week, I went down to 26.  And, well, it worked.  I weighed in today at WW and I was down 2.4 lbs.  That's the most I have lost in awhile and it feels so good to have lost.  I was finally able to put some pretty blue stones in my heart shaped glass jar :-)  I have missed doing that.  I now have 11 more pounds to lose.  11 pounds!!  I have never been this close to goal before.  It is a little scary that it's so close to Christmas though.  I have worked so hard that I really don't want to "undo" any of this.  My goal is to maintain over Christmas, not lose and not gain.  Wouldn't that be great?  My plan is to eat a bit of whatever I REALLY want, and to leave the rest.  I promise myself I will do my best to exercise too.  I am feeling so strong and fit these days, I am addicted to the feeling of working out.  I have noticed muscles where I never had muscles before.  My calves, arms and thighs are firming up.

I am still NOT ready for Christmas yet.  And I am getting annoyed at all the people that seem to ask that question at this time of year....."are you ready for Christmas?"  No. I'm. Not.   But I will be :-)  I have 3 days off this weekend and then I'm off Wednesday next week too.  So on those days I will hopefully finish my shopping, do a bit of baking, wrap the gifts, send out a few cards (that likely won't get to their destinations on time...sigh) and clean the house.  I have had a really hard time getting into the Christmas spirit this year because we don't really have any snow to speak of.  There has only been one Christmas that I can remember in my 48 years living here that there was no snow for Christmas.  It will be strange if there isn't any. There is still a week until Christmas eve so we will see!

The one sixties baby!!

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Shelley said...

How wonderful to break that plateau!!! Congratulations!!! I think you've got the right idea to get through the holiday treats as well - you'll be at goal before long with that great attitude. :)

And OK, I'll stop asking people, as I ring up their jewelry purchases, if they're ready for Christmas. ;) Every once in a while I get everything done right after Thanksgiving - those are the relaxed years. This year was not one of them...