Monday, June 27, 2011

Help! I've fallen and I can't get up!

Well, it's really not that bad but I am mad at myself.  I haven't tracked my points for the past 2 days.  I know, I know....don't beat myself up, don't be so hard on myself, right?  Here's the thing, it is sooooo fricking easy to just stop tracking.  It's scary to think how easy it is to just stop doing what I've been doing.  This is literally the first time since I started in January that I haven't tracked my points.  Even when I went to Sunday brunch for my Mom's 80th Birthday (and ate things I had no idea how to count or how much to count) I still wrote something down.  So here's what I'm going to do, I'm going to sit down and try to remember what I ate on Sunday (had some mindless eating/snacking that day) and record what I ate today and MOVE ON!  I know that tracking my points keeps me honest and keeps me in control so I have to do it.  I have lost 32.4 lbs so far because I have written down every morsel of food that has gone into my body.  Here's to tracking!!  It works for me :-)


Shelley said...

Scary how easy it is to stop tracking, even after months and months of doing it. Glad you are back on track (haha, so punny) - like you said, it does work!

Nancy said...

It is amazing to me too how something so much a habit can so quickly slip. Good for you to catch it so fast Kim! This is actually a success not a failure--not even a tiny failure. I am proud of you for checking yourself after only a couple of days.
As to the goal for just over 4 months I still track every day. It is very much a part of my life too!
Hang in there. You are doing so good!!

Kim A said...

Yes it was a learning experience for me for sure! Interesting when you aren't tracking (weather it's intentionally or not) it's so easy for a bit of this or a bite of that just finds it's way into your mouth. Yay for you being at goal for 4 months! I'm pretty sure I'll be tracking for the remainder of my life too. BUT I prefer that life to how my life was before. Much healthier habits.