Friday, August 5, 2011

Interesting book and weigh in day!!

First things first, today was weigh in day and I'm down 1.6 lbs for a total of 37.8 lbs total!  Very happy with that number.  Still going slowly but a steady loss and that's what's important.  My sister was at the meeting with me today which was nice since my friend Jen is gone now.  Of course Nancy is a lifetime member now and only has to come and weigh in once a month.  I am so proud of her, over 6 months at goal weight and she is still doing great!  I'm not even there yet and I worry about maintaining!  At least I will have her to help me and give me tips.

I read a lot of weight loss books.  Some of my favorites are:  "Half-Assed:  A Weight Loss Memoir" by Jennette Fulda, "Such a Pretty Fat" by Jen Lancaster, "The Weight Loss Diaries" by Courtney Rubin.  I have one on my Kindle that I am sort of reading slowly, a bit every few weeks.  It is meant to be read for 100 days one entry per day.  I haven't been doing that.  It's called "100 days of Weight Loss:  The secret to being successful on any diet plan" by Linda Spangle.  To get to my point, (and I do have one) on Day 3 the entry really hit home.  It talks about the difference between being committed to losing weight and just being interested in losing weight.  I really feel this is what the difference is this time for me.  It's like something has just clicked and it's not about wondering if I will be able to lose the weight this time, it's about knowing that I will for sure.  It's different I can tell.

I will quote some of the book's key points about the differences.  Day 3 is titled "Do it anyway".  So what it says if that on days you don't feel like exercising or cooking and eating healthy meals tell yourself to "do it anyway".  When you are really committed to losing weight you make choices that you might not particularly want to do at the time but you "do it anyway".  Here's a summary of the differences between people who are interested in their goals compared to those who are committed.

People who are interested in losing weight

  • Stick with it until something better comes along
  • Take action only if they "feel like" doing it
  • Need to see results in order to stay motivated
  • Blame people or circumstances for their struggles
  • Easily give up when they face challenges
People who are committed to losing weight

  • Stick with their plans no matter what
  • Take action whether they feel like doing it or not
  • Assume that if they stay motivated, results will follow.
  • Take responsibility for their own actions
  • Keep going in spite of challenges and setbacks
Interesting isn't it?  I am not exactly reading this book the way you are supposed to but I am getting lots of great information out of it.


Chubby McGee said...

WOW! I remember when you started this journey. You're doing SO well. That's a lot of weight. I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO proud of you AND your attitude and commitment. I've seen a lot of people come and go on these blogs.

I'm so happy you are still going STRONG. Makes me proud enough to cry from joy!

Shelley said...

Kim, you have done so well with your weight loss - you are consistently losing, and little by little, it's adding up, big time! Congrats on another great week!

I like your Day 3 post. Very true. I'll have to check that book out - sounds interesting.