Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 bring it on!!

Happy New Year to everyone!!  I weighed in yesterday and to my surprise and shock I was only up 0.2 lb!  I am very happy with that!  We had a quiet night but it was good.  The boys actually stayed home (which was a shock to us!).  We had Chinese food and wine for supper, then watched most of the World Junior Hockey game (yay Canada!!), then we watched a movie.  Horrible Bosses.  I wasn't impressed, but my 3 males in the family liked it.  There ya go, that is the story of my life.  lol   Rarely do we find a movie that we all like.  It was a nice night, I was in bed before midnight but that's OK.  I was very excited to see the new WW commercial!  One of the blogs that I follow is on the commercial!  She is so awesome, she and I have even conversed a bit on twitter.  She is very inspiring and has lost 100 lbs.  Check out her blog.  I love the commercial, their theme is "believe".  When I look back over the past year, I have to say that the fact that I believed that I could do this was one of my strongest motivators.  So here I sit, almost a year later with only 10 lbs away from my goal.  2012 will be my year, bring it on!!


Shelley said...

Happy New Year, Kim! Looking forward to seeing you hit your goal this year - I know you can do it!

Kim A said...

Thanks Shelley! Your support this past year has meant a lot to me. Happy New Year!!

Cee said...

I liked horrible bosses! I laughed a lot, not usually my type of movie though. I love the WW Believe theme this year. Simple but says so much! Happy New Year!