Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Support can be beautiful :-)

I have had some very hungry days this week.  I am struggling at times.  I want chocolate, and I want a lot of chocolate.  I have not gave in though.  I am strong.  I did have a Fiber One 100 calorie bar a few times and that helped.  One thing that has been getting me through the week has been the fact that my husband is on board with me.  In the past he hasn't been and it makes it so much harder to stay on track.  He would bring home all kinds of treats and goodies and I would have to resist.  He has been doing so good.  I'm making healthy meals and he is all over it!  I insisted he weigh himself today (yes I finally caved and asked where the scale was) and it was way more than I thought it would be.  He's right he needs to lose weight.  So we are in this together and it feels so good.  Support can be beautiful :-)

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