Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Yes, I actually tracked all my food today and stayed within my 26 points.  Baby steps people, baby steps.  I feel like my head is finally getting into the game here.  The past few weeks I have been flip-flopping around with all the ways I'm going to lose this extra weight I've put on.  I really just wish it was as much fun taking it off as it was putting it on.  Are you with me?  I look at this 15 or so pounds I have to lose and I think really it's not that much, just hunker down and do it.  But then I realize how long it can take to lose 15 lbs and I get discouraged.  I know, I know it's not 60 lbs or 100 lbs but it's still going to take some work and discipline.  And it's not going to happen overnight or at a "Biggest Loser" speed.  I think to myself, maybe I should try Paleo again.  I loved not tracking my food and I lost weight.  But as much as I felt great, it's just too restricting for me.  Especially in the Summer.  Because damn it I might want to have a cold beer or a glass of wine once in awhile!  Not too mention frozen yogurt!  I get crazy thoughts of doing fasts or cleanses.  Life would be so much easier if we didn't need to eat food, every day.  But we do.    So I know that in the end Weight Watchers is the right fit for me.  It's going to be my life from now on.

I feel like I was robbed.  I keep hearing of all these people losing weight and fitting into single digit sizes.  As much as I know it's not about a number on the scale or your dress size it's still makes me jealous.  But what really makes me mad is that the sizes have gotten bigger.  Because when I weighed 145 lbs at 5'7" I was not a size 8.  I was a size 10.  In fact my wedding dress was a size 11.  So now when I was at my goal weight of 165 lbs I was a size 10.  If I was 20 lbs less than that today, would I be a size 6?  Weird.  It doesn't matter I know but it's just one of those things you think about.  In fact one of the bloggers I'm jealous of fit into a pair of size 8 jeans today.  She's lost 89 lbs so far and looks fabulous!  You deserve it Chubby (gotta change that just doesn't fit anymore!).

I present to you again my "shoebox of weight loss failures".  I have tried many plans over the years and had success with a few, but none have helped me like Weight Watchers has.  I'm sticking with it for the long haul :-)

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Chubby McGee said...

Those last pounds ARE the hardest. There is NO doubt about it. It can't even be has to be scientific/medical. (It does manifest a lot as psychological though. *sobs*) I'm amazed by how difficult it's been to lose the smaller amount of weight, at the end of the first part of weight loss. It came off so quickly and wonderfully at the get-go! The brilliant thing is that it's still possible. Look at Curvy Fit Girl! She's in the homestretch and the weight IS coming off, but slower than she would like it (she's great though because she's taking it really well and I love that attitude of hers!).

It'll come off. You'll get it off. Give yourself the time! In the interim, make sure you're getting in some exercise. While my scale isn't budging much, getting into those size 8s showed me that something is happening to my body. It helps me stay less discouraged about the scale's stubborn behaviors. Haha!

I'm with you on these last pounds! Let's do this thing! We can! WE WILL!