Saturday, February 23, 2013

Saturday night

Saturday night and here I sit alone.  Dean is at the farm.  Could it be Spring is actually around the corner?  Of course they aren't seeding or anything yet since there is a lot of snow on the ground still and there will be for a few months yet.  But the fact that he is out there doing something in preparation for seeding means Spring is coming!  He should be home soon but I thought I would write a quick blog post while I was waiting.

I can't believe I forgot to blog about the amazing thing I made the other night for myself!  It's basically a chocolate chip cookie for one in a single serving.  Microwave then top with ice cream and you have yourself an amazing treat.  I know, I know, it's not Whole 30 or Paleo but it was after my Whole 30 challenge!  The odd thing was I could hardly eat any of it.  I think I ate about a third of it and had to throw the rest away.  I was alone, alone again naturally (remember Gilbert O'Sullivan?  that was the first 8-track I owned...hehehe) anyway it is definately large enough to share.  And there wasn't anyone around to share it with (other than my dogs which would have gladly helped me out but there's the whole dogs not eating chocolate thing so ya) so it went in the garbage.  OK enough of that I will get to the link for the recipe!  It's found at Picky Palate and here's a yummy food porn picture of the finished product.  I didn't add the home made chocolate "shell" but mine looked pretty close to this:

I have to blame thank someone on Twitter for posting this recipe!  Use with caution, it's delicious and make sure there is someone else in the house to share it with!  You have been warned.  Enjoy.  

Also quick review of Safe Haven.  Went last night with my niece.  We both really enjoyed it.  Good story, had some suspense and of course wouldn't be a Nicholas Sparks movie / book without a lot of romance.  Josh Duhamel and Julianne Hough were both really good in this move.  If you like a good romance I would recommend seeing Safe Haven.  

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