Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas eating overload!

I'm seriously sick of eating too much crap.  I didn't worry much about what I ate on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day thinking that I would be able to get back into healthy eating right after that.  Nope didn't happen.  I couldn't get enough sweets and ate them whenever they were around me.  Not good.  I am giving myself a few days before I get on the scale again but I'm back to tracking and I went to Body Pump yesterday and I ran today.  I will do this.  Damn you food.  Just when I think I am in control I realize nope I am not.  It's always there and it's never over this battle.

That being said, Christmas was great!  Had a great time with family.  We spent the morning on Christmas day with Dean's family then over to my parents place for Christmas dinner. Lots of visiting and laughs. Lots of great food as mentioned earlier, ahem.  Boxing day shopping at 6:00 am with 2 of my nieces (my Brother and his daughter met us later) was a blast!  Got some good deals and had lots of fun.  We all went for breakfast at 10:30 after too. Boxing day leftover meal at my parents house on the 26th.

I got lots of amazing presents!  Dean bought me some diamond and white gold earrings that I love!  He also bought me a plum colored North Face jacket and all kinds of  little things too (we stuff each other's stockings).  I got a pedicure gift certificate from my parents and money from Dean's parents.  Brett got me a Starbucks card and Mitch gave Dean and I a gift certificate to a restaurant.  I decided to use the money I got towards a at home Body Pump kit from .  I'm so excited about it!  The gym gets so crazy at this time of the year.  The dreaded "New Year's resolution" people.  Argg!  There are definately times where I wish I could do it at home, now I can (or will be able to when I get my kit).  For days I have to work late, or when I have to work Saturdays and can't get to class this will be perfect.  In the package that I got I will get the weights, the step (used as a bench for chest press, etc but can be used for step class) and tons of videos.  Don't get me wrong, I still love the gym and I don't plan on quitting but I just think this is a great option for times when I can't get there.

I'm looking forward to 2013, lots of great things are going to happen I just know it!  I leave you with a few pics of Christmas day.  I don't have all my pics off the camera yet so these are from my phone.

our tree Christmas morning

Brett & Mitch opening gifts

Kayla and Joey in their Christmas hats!  I love Kayla's elf ears!  Yes treats were involved in this photo!

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Shelley said...

What fun gifts!

New year, back to living the healthy lifestyle. Love that you are taking good steps toward that with your home Body Pump kit!