Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The scale is hidden.....life goes on!

So after my post on Friday I asked my husband to hide the scale.  He did it.  It has been very hard to not weigh every day.  I have been concentrating on doing the right things.  Getting my exercise in and eating right.  The scale was making me crazy.  I also didn't go to my Weight Watcher meeting last week.  I just couldn't face it.  It's OK, I'm not quitting (far from it) but I just needed a break from weighing and being disappointed.  Thanks for your support and tips.  I am going to talk to my Dr on the 21st about my goal.  I went shopping yesterday for clothes for our trip to Arizona and Las Vegas.  Amazing how I can feel so thin and great in one store and so fat and out of shape in another!  I tried on a pair of legging type jeans in a size 9 and they fit!  I didn't like the color so I didn't get them but I wanted to just because they were in a single digit size.  Crazy isn't it?  Then I go in another store and size 12 fits.  I have days where I think I don't need to lose anymore weight and other days where I can't believe I'm even thinking this way (feel like I have a lot left to lose).  Body image.  Something I need to work on.  I ordered 2 dresses from Sears.  Both in size 12.  One I had to get in a size 10 the other size 12 fits.  I like them both so I'm keeping them!  I keep thinking what would my 223 lb self be thinking right now?  Would she be thinking "if I could only fit into a size 10"?

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Shelley said...

Hah - your 223 lb self would want to do the same thing as my 256 lb self - smack yourself and say "are you KIDDING?!?" - sometimes I have to remind myself that back when I was busting out of size 24, I would have been beyond thrilled to wear a size 14...everything else should be a bonus. However, as you well know, it's more fun to fit into the smaller size. Ahhh, perspective...

Glad you are staying away from the scale. That cartoon says it all!