Sunday, October 20, 2013

Sunday musings

I woke up this morning with a sinus headache.  Boohoo!  I was hoping I could somehow avoid the dreaded Fall cold that's going around.  Maybe I can still fight it off.  I was planning to try a Hot Yoga class at the gym today but I think I will skip it.  I've literally done nothing so far today (except have breakfast and coffee) and it's almost noon.  I have booked a flight to Calgary for November 1-3 to visit my BFF so that's exciting!  Also I looked into races that I could run while in Maui.  I found an awesome one!  I'm so pumped.  There seems to be a problem with online registration but I have emailed the representative so hopefully I can register soon.  No medals unless you place 1st, 2nd or 3rd but T-Shirts and a breakfast after so I'm happy with that.  And how amazing will it be to run right beside the ocean in Maui??!!  Yup I'm so in.  Hopefully my darling husband will be on board.  Maybe I'll sign him up for the walk!  Here's the link if anyone is interested mauiwhalefestival
I'm thinking of doing the 10K.  It would be my first, and it would be incentive to keep me running over the Winter.

I went to a Group Power class yesterday.  It was good!  I almost didn't go, because none of my family was able to come and I was running a bit late.  But I'm so glad I did.  It felt so good.  My goal is to do that class 2 times a week, run as much as I can (damn treadmill I hate you but Winter is almost here) and yoga at least once a week (hopefully more).  That's my plan.

101 days to Maui Trip!

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