Sunday, April 29, 2012

I think I'm a runner!

It's weird, I really never thought I would be saying this but I'm a runner.  I actually like to run.  The problem that I face now is that I really don't like to run on the treadmill anymore.  Running outside is so much better.  There are interesting things to look at, there is all that fresh air, and well I just like it.  The other problem is that I really don't like running outside when the weather isn't good.  I live in Saskatchewan.  For anyone that lives here you know that we rarely have perfect weather.  I need to somehow get over this.  Either suck it up and run when it's crappy out or learn to love the treadmill more.  One solution would be to watch TV or something while I run.  We don't have a TV that's hooked up to anything where the treadmill is.  I could remedy this I guess, and that might help.  That being said, I know when Winter comes again next year I will not be running outside. I will have to figure something out if I am going to continue to do this running thing.  And I want to.

I was asked by my Sister-in-law today how did you do it?  Run a whole 5K.  She was so impressed and very jealous that I can do that and she can't.  I told her that if I could do it anybody can (that is if you don't have health issues).  I explained the "couch to 5K" program and how it works.  You don't even need to use that program, it's just about starting off with short running intervals and slowly over time increasing the running till you are running the entire time.  Start slow and increase that's it.

I have been struggling a bit with food this last week.  I have had stress at work and I turned to food.  I was eating a fairly large amount of chocolate one day and I just kept thinking, what am I doing?  I'm mad at a certain person at work and I am solving this by eating chocolate??  It doesn't make sense.  I'm feeling better about things already but I had a few bad days and I haven't tracked other than a few days here and there since I got my Lifetime.  My weight is still doing OK but what I would really like is to try to get BELOW my goal by a few pounds so I'm not so stressed about it.  I'm back to tracking and I will get there.  I have to get it into my head that I'm not DONE.  There is no ending to this journey of mine.  Everyday I will need to watch what I eat and stay active.  I can't eat a ton of chocolate or candy (yes I got into some candy too) and stay at my goal weight.  I can eat a bit of those things but all in moderation.  A taste is one thing, but binging is another.  Old habits die hard.  The old Kim is still there.  I will fight with her every day.

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Shelley said...

You most definitely ARE a runner! Love this...and I identify with the "who me???" part, because really, in your wildest dreams, did you ever think you'd be running? So cool how we can change like that.

As for the treadmill, I couldn't do it without a TV to distract myself...I think treadmill running is pretty boring. But yeah, with bad weather, it's a necessity. I find that I can use any excuse to not run outside (it's too windy/hot/raining/cold), but truth be told, I much prefer an outdoors run to the treadmill, so, like you, I just need to suck it up and deal with the weather.