Saturday, March 24, 2012

Weigh in day

Good Morning!  Yesterday was my weigh in day.  I was having a super busy day at work so I had to really rush to get to my meeting.  Then of course there was extra traffic on the bridge that I normally take.  It never fails.  I'm not gonna lie it will be so nice to not have to go to meetings every Friday!  I ended up being 1.4 lbs over my goal (didn't have time to pee first so I'm sure that's why!  haha).  That's OK because I'm still within the 2 lbs that I need to be but I really have to work hard to be under for next week.  It's very stressful!!  I only have 2 more PAID weeks left of Weight Watchers!  I can't believe that I will soon be a Lifetime Member.  It's something I have dreamed about for years.  I looked ahead and it ends up that my day to become a Lifetime Member will be on April 6th which is also Good Friday.  Bummer because there won't be a meeting that day :-(  I think I will weigh in on the Wednesday that week then get my Lifetime the following Friday at my regular meeting time.  After that I only have to weigh in once per month and not be over 2 lbs of my goal weight.  I'm going to do this!  But I have to say after being on Maintenance for a few weeks now it's not OVER and it really just feels the same as losing does.  I guess that's what they mean when they say "it's a lifestyle not a diet".  I will be watching what I eat and exercising forever.  The alternative is to not do that, gain the weight back and be miserable and unhappy with my body / health.

Thursday night I took a Step class at the gym.  I had been wanting to try it for a long time and finally got brave enough.  It was so great!!  Lots of fun and I was literally dripping sweat by the end!  So, I am talking with the instructor after and telling her how much I liked the class, etc and she tells me "oh, it's not on the schedule at this time after the end of March".  Damn.  It will be at 5:00 on Monday.  I work every day from 8-5.  Oh well. I will find something else.  There are so many great classes at the gym I go to.  I just have to be brave enough to try them.

Have a great weekend everyone!  I'm going to Hunger Games tonight (I'm on book 3 love them!).  So excited.  Even though the name just cracks me up.  Isn't that really what weight loss is all about?

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Nancy said...

The maintenance is an interesting journey for sure. At first, it kind of seems like an ending. But you are so is kind of more of the same. I find I basically eat about the same way that I did on program when I was losing. The great thing about the WW points plus program though is that it never does feel like a diet anyway, so eating the same is not a hardship. Besides, if I were to go back to eating like I did before WW.....lordy mamma...I'd be back up in no time. No, this is my life now. I have indulgences occasionally, but that word is the key. I can't have them daily. I am so thrilled for you Kim, to be moving into this next phase. Great to have an accountability partner in the weight maintenance game!